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    has anyone got any mw slims they dont want in sizes 0.1grm , 0.2grm, 0.4grm thanks
    also after drennan pinkies 4×8-4×14 tubertini stix 4×10-4×14 thanks

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    toro try the new garbolino dc13’s instead of the stix. your be pleasently surprised.

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    I’ve been using the new Garbolino DC 10 Competition where I would have usually used tubertini stix and really rate them.

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    they look ok didds but bit worried they say it has a short wire stem how do they hold up in the wind and surface skim.
    also what pattern do you use for squatt fishing cheers

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    someone must have some spare slims

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    Toro, i have some Slim powers in size 0.1g and a couple of 0.2g, i brought these floats in error. I would be interested in swapping them for Slim Shallow or Power Diamonds, is that any help to you ?

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    Ernie, if you don’t get a swap i would be interested in buying them off you.

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    ernie pm sent

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