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    Where would you suggest next?
    Sat 14th or 28th July.
    What are the tides like?
    Open to venue suggestions and posts if interested.

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    Somewhere weed free please

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    Chesil sounds good to me, continue the long tradition of blanking.

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    How about Seaford by the Buckle pub.

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    Chesil !! I think I would sooner blank nearer home.

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    AND when was Chesil in West Sussex???

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    what about ourgate greeny ?

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    aint no flies on you mr

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    Ali W

    CHESIL sounds good to me not sure if the cod are still about.

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    It would be if it was in West Sussex!

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    What about Brighton Marina plenty of room for a meet

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    Not gorn East for a while, some good reports about seaford, perhaps ‘paully’ will sort a suitable date and details for a furture meet!
    Hove beach would be good, Ada you would not be the first, I’ve caught for many years!
    Marina, would be different, BBQ would be out though, not lugging all the gear.

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    Seaford was only a suggestion,I haven’t fished there for years,just thought of giving it a try again.Newhaven H/W 00.12am,6.1m 14/15 July and 23.13pm,5.6m 28 July.

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    Who else would like to try Seaford on the 14/15th July?

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