What are your matchfishing ambitions for this year?

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    Mine is to win as many Sunday opens as possible breaking the 150lb barrier and 50lb silvers barrier whilst doing it. As well as winning our local summer evening league. I am not too bothered about the County Champs as realistically most of my fishing this year will be localised and i wont be fishing for the final. I also fancy some breaming on a couple of the big reservoirs down hear and i have my eye on a bit of fly fishing, if i can get some cheap kit of fleabay.

    What about you?

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    mine is to be able to get to my peg and set up without having to spend an hour throwing an icebreaker through 5 inches of ice and then sit there for 5 hours catching sod all haha

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    Win Fishomania and Maver Match This. Also like to win at Hayfield this weekend!

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    Win Fishomania and Maver Match This. Also like to win at Hayfield this weekend! S

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    Win Fishomania and Maver Match This. Also like to win at Hayfield this weekend! S

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    To keep learning and progressing and to enjoy it. Picking up some coin on the way would be nice as well, starting Saturday.

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    to fish a weekend match as i have just been put on continental shifts 4 on 4 off so have to work alot of weekends.
    with me been more of a natural water matchmen it buggers me up.maybe i will have to cross the bridge and start fishing commercials.

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    mine would have to be to win more matches this year last year was my worst year for ages framed a lot and won a few but won no where near as many as the previous years. lets hope i have a good start this weekend first match of the year

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    Qualify for the evesham weekend. Simples ~clap

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    Make the top 50 in the Baittech I will be happy.

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    to start enjoying it again will do for starters.

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    To work harder on each match,both on preperation and during the match.Got lazy in last couple of years but determined to try harder this year!

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    im going to get down to milemead and fish the opens more often so watch out baitchef im going to be on your back. and also get into to the parkdean final again.

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    Trust ou to spoil all the fun. Ha Ha!!
    I will have to resort to sabotage!!

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    ummmmm i have to keep a very close eye on you chris

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    I will be going for the fish o and parkdean finals again. Once your there u then need to draw!
    I would like to improve my f1 fishing and coaxing lumps from margins…..

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    mine is to prepare more for matches.also ive just started fishing the wye opens and i really want to get to know this river so ill b spending more time on this.

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    My ambition remains the same as the last 3 years .
    to frame in the lower Thames championship .

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    After spending two years in Korea mine is to get back to the same standard and consistency as I had before I left.

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    Get plenty of fishing in, now the kids are a little more independant.
    Compete in our local spring league 6 matches (and win it)
    Qualify for the Garbolino club angler of the year final (and win it)
    Compete in our local summer league 12 matches(and win it)
    Qualify for the Fisho final (and win it)
    Qualify for Evesham festival(and win one of them)
    Fish the individual National (and win it)
    Fish the match fishing subscriber classic(and win it)
    Aim high, learn, practice, try to iron out all the silly mistakes, prepare well and try to leave nothing to chance.
    Realistically, though I may not achieve all the above, but I can dream can’t I?

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    TF_bagging machine

    To join the 4 ton club.

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    last year i wanted to get a section win in a fishomania match , which i did at lakeview.

    so in 2011 the aim is to make the frame top 5 in a fishomania match (provided i get a ticket or five!!)

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    jono thats a good one, a couple of years ago i came 4th overall at whiteacres but as the saying says i should of tryed harder as people on the bank said that i could of got through but hey who knows

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    To win the Division 1 national on the new Junction Canal as a team with Ossett…

    And get to the angling times team champ final again…

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    I had a great season last year,won our summer and aggragate leagues,so if I can continue,and have the crack with the lads on the bank, I’ll be a happy bunny,you never stop learning,always something new to try,be it waters,methods or tackle.Just need some consistant weather now,and knuckle down for our forthcoming winter league…bring it on !!

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    To get out of the habit, of not getting out.~naughty ~naughty

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    to get a bite~think

    last three times out including a match on partridge yesterday i’ve had no bite blanks.

    at least my mate came third yesterday so that’ll do for now~clap

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    I would love to get to the fisho final and also try to get in the uk champs,but mostly keep enjoying the best sport bar none!.~clap

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