what model milo seat box is this? and is it any good?

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    seen it for sale, but they dont say what model it is etc etc

    Are they any good? And roughly how old?

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    Looks like a tardis but i wouldnt touch it..too heavy……….

    BUY A RIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


    All you have to do is get a footplate and add what you want to it!!

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    dont really have rive money to be honest, £200 is a bout my budget and they normally sell for £350 second hand 🙁

    Ive got an ancient rive at the minute with octoplus legs but its well past its best, plus it doesnt have a platform, my uncle nicked my trays (he did give me the box i guess lol) and only one draw.

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    bought the milo, £120, bargain as far as im concerned, weight doesnt bother me too much, you carry it for 5 minutes, you sit on it for hours

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    Not a bad price mate,it has had a gel seat fitted i see,they are £70 on their own,it’ll last you years.~clap

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    I had a Rive. I now have a Tardis, which is more compact, has more storage, is as well made and is lighter. It even fits in my car boot. No competition as far as I’m concerned.

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    This “milo” box has a very big Colmic sticker on it….

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    Good deal mate definately a Tardis box with a colmic sticker. They are built to last and may weigh a bit but bar any long walks they are fine, stable and comfortable. I used to sell loads of Milo boxes when I worked in the trade and returns were rare unlike some other boxes out there. With regards to Rive they are nice boxes but the costs of the boxes and accesories is mind blowing even at trade!

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    I had the same box and it was very good, in fact i wish I never sold it. you wouldnt have got it if I had seen it first John. My last 2 boxes have been rubbish. I would go back to a tardis but the latest milo boxes look just like the cheap chinese boxes sold by everyone else. Not convinced by a Rive as is dear for something just to sit on. You can buy a 3 piece suite for similar money.

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