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    Following the theme of crap maggots for sale ! And as always looking to have the crack ! I wonder in what month can we get a blow . Naturally and without artificial warmth like the Farms . Anyone tried to get one ? :rolleyes: expecting a rude follow up , or a tale of the neighbours . 😀

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    Its all year around as fare as I know. Blue bottles and other fllys live and breed all year around. However, freezing temps will kill off most of the adult flys. As long as we have not had a long period of very cold temps. There should be a few adult flys looking for some rotting meat to ley their eggs on. Defo had gozzers in March and they are a little more difficult to get a blow.

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    Gonna give it a try . Even a good un for the hook gives you confidence . 🙂

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    Allow some of your old maggots to become blue bottles if your unsure its warm enough for natural flys to breed. Add some chicken and im sure they will give you plenty of blows. Stick the meat and blows in plenty of news paper and put in a bucket. Cover the lot in bran. The bran helps to keep some heat in the bucket and keeps the smell down. Check there is still meat in the bucket after a week. Add a bit more if needed. After 10-14 days and you should have beautiful fresh maggots. The time will depend on how warm you can keep them.

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    I’ve had blows from gozzers from March-October seen them after October but can’t seem to get to land on the meat

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    In the days when there was a Norfolk. & Suffolk w/league I used to do them through til the end of November, weather allowing. Never bothered after that, and wouldnt start breeding again til the beginning of June.

    I’ve never tried it myself, but I know a few people who’ve tried to keep a ‘breeding stock’ of flies. Sheds, greenhouses, and seed propogators have all been tried, but I don’t know anybody that claims to have been successful.

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