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    What part of the country holds the biggest summer river matches?

    I ask because I had a conversation with an old mate of mine the other day, and he stated there are no big matches left to fish now on “natural” venues anymore.

    My local rivers Yare and Bure have a decent turnout most weekends, about 40- 50 regular anglers, but that ain’t a big match….or is it considered “big” now by todays standards?

    What are your thoughts?

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    For the last 3 years the Lower Thames championship has sold 140’ish pegs. That is usually in September.

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    if you could get herbie to turn up it would be one more no seriously that would be top knotch for a river match the thames champs used to be well attended, and turners teams of four maybe the conkers section at kingston could be a good starter for 100 plus ps if they eased up on the parking problem which seems to be the stumbling block these days for a big river match gone are t6he days of wicker baskets lol. good point simon whos organising this years one ~think ~think

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    bit harsh Brian, Herbie has been up to a few matches , I’m sure I saw him once at one of MTB’s evening matches at Canbury gardens…………
    Long way back to Somerset……..~clap ~clap

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    just looking through AT each week………..

    Reckon you would find it hard to beat those Yare attendance’s for summer fishing.

    Things improve a bit in the autumn/winter, the WYE springs to mind and I know there’s a waiting list for the fest.

    The Yorkie rivers and Tee’s seem to get good tunouts but the fishing looks very patchy.

    In the west midlands the Warks Avon has loyal support but I notice a demise on the Severn.

    Down in the south-east we have a regular Thursday evening event on the lower thames which gets about 25 and the one-off lower thames champ (might not happeen this year) and then everything else would appear to be traditional one-off winter leagues or river champs eg Mole,Medway Ivel.

    The Colne has a good following.

    My club(s) run regular matches 2 a month on the R.Mole (thames trib) and at best we get 35 for an inter-club. Not sure how things will go this season, it was very hard last year, I don’t think the Nov/Dec ice flows helped much, the water was always between 1-3 degs.

    You guys are very lucky in E.Anglia

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    I purchased the Angling Times this week for the first time in a very,very long time, obviously the river season has not started yet, hence this thread.

    I have not attended a match on my local rivers for the best part of 5 years (I think), time goes so quickly it could be longer!.

    This year will see me return to fishing my beloved Yare, I will also fish the Bure on Sundays, I tried the commercial circuit, and in particular the Fisho circus, but to do that properly requires a lot of spare time and LOTS of money to travel, practice etc,

    I get bored very quickly fishing the same local comercials against the same small group of anglers week after week……… that sort of match fishing just does not do it for me, I realise I am in a minority nation wide…..except in Norfolk and Suffolk where more local anglers prefer the rivers during the summer!!!

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    Bob: I think that there are a number of factors that combine to make fishing just not quite as interesting as it used to be.

    With rose tinted spectacles and a long memory, my Dad and I used to look through the Angling Times and fish matches where we fancied we might stand a chance of framing on preferred methods. Attendances were bigger so even the rarity of the time of a ‘section’ win would pay for the day out.

    Tackle costs were cheaper, fuel not so excessively high priced and the kit carried was that much lighter that you could walk to a peg without the fear of a cardiac arrest if you couldn’t park behind where you were fishing! Infact MOST of the better pegs were a fair walk from car parking!

    My Dad died in January and I scattered his ashes on his favourite peg on the Oxford Canal near Cropredy. I never considered it to be a walk when we used to fish the canal but even five minutes carrying hundreds of pounds of kit is not pleasant.

    That brings me on to my next thing: I fished for a couple of hours and managed to catch a carp around 8lb and although I wasn’t properly geared up for it but still fishing heavily for a canal (6-8 Middy Hi Viz elastic, 0.10 direct to a size 22 B610) getting that fish out was by no means a certainty and THAT made it’s capture the more rewarding.

    I did have some trips on the Warwickshire Avon at Barford winning all three of the matches I fished below the weir but when I think back to that: 11 barbel in 15 hours fishing with no losses…. I see why I only fished it the three times!

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    There are generally between 50 and 70 on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham from the start of the season through to the festival at August bank holiday. The fishing is hard, but rewarding 🙂

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    Evesham deffo still very popular in the summer as is the Yare (teriffic fishing it seems), the Wye in the winter months , plus the Tees in the north east and several Yorkshire rivers , Ouse and Swale get really good attendences . I always follow the Thames Champs results and build up… seems to be a cracking occasion with the really big match atmosphere of will the bream feed / will it be won with roach scenario just like the old days ~clap ~clap. Match Fishing is hugely fragmented now and 20 peg knock ups on puddles seem to take the limelight ….. one of the reasons the organisers of my local river weaver matches doesnt bother sending any results in anymore ! Plenty of “old school” anglers still out there enjoying there stuff week in week out ~clap ~clap

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    TF_caster rob

    These Trent matches are becoming popular:


    Usually won on the pole though.

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    Also forgot to add the river Soar in the East Midlands in autumn / winter , Welland in Spalding , March , Old Nene in winter , fen drains , river Huntspill in summer …… etc etc ….

    Its like time forgot eh !

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    Mark (OOOTF) sorry to hear about your Father mate, you make some interesting observations, (I probably know better than most) the safety factor is also a huge consideration for anglers,particulary on canals I would guess.

    Rob (Caster Rob) those Trent matches look very interesting, tight and hard fought with not huge, but good weights.

    My mate told me last years Yare opens were pegged every other peg, so an end draw does not dominate so much, particulary when it is a roach pole jobbie, they are, and always have been, expensive matches to fish, unless you fish the feeder exclusively and risk getting beat up off the next peg when the river runs clear.

    Another interesting issue for me will be the amount of holiday cruisers compared to years ago when I last fished, with the current economic climate I wonder if there will be less of em! I hope so he he.

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    So we will see you back on the Yare this summer then Bob. Rumour has it that despite the warm spring the river is running a bit clear at present.

    Not sure about only pegging every other peg though, that was not the case in my experience except once or twice on the boards later in the year.

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    Newark attract 30 -50 anglers in there weekend open matches, most of the matches are fished on the dyke
    i know its not a lot of anglers but for river opens its not bad

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    Last year I worked on most of the military bases in East Anglia (Asbestos Surveying) and I would regulary drive along the fen drains , the Forty foot,Twenty foot, etc; these are fantastic match venues, they used to hold some big matches too, hell, even I managed to win one or two!! they looked spot on, I can honestly say I only ever spotted an occasional angler, the odd piker, the odd pleasure angler …….what an utter waste of prime fishing ,short walks, good pegging and loads of fish (I presume) I certainly saw plenty of fish activity at times……what the hell has happened to match fishing in England????

    PS, It only takes an algae bloom in the dykes to change the colour Richard, that can happen overnight, I will pop down there and have a look later in the week and let you know.

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    we run regular matches at bewdley on the kdaa waters on the severn wich atract 30 to 40 anglers with a 3 day festival at the end of july with 90+ anglers fishing

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    @poppa-mo wrote:

    we run regular matches at bewdley on the kdaa waters on the severn wich atract 30 to 40 anglers with a 3 day festival at the end of july with 90+ anglers fishing

    I have fished that part of the river once poppa-mo, (practising for a National in 1987!) a fantastic venue, can you post some details on the match weights, species that form winning weights, winning tactics etc; please?

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    in summer 40/50lbs mainly barbel pellet feeder doing the most damage,winter time simaler wieghts but the float can come in to its own with some deccent wieghts off chub to [email protected] will have to see what this season brings.usualy post the results on t/a

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    i will be running the teams of 4 again on the tidal trent this year and the information will be on here shortly. there was 80 fishing last year although there were a few practising for the national. the fishing was very good last season with a variety of methods scoring. we already have 10 teams booked in without the advertising. i shall also be running some open matches which will be also advertised shortly.

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    Try http://www.rivermatchdiary.com – my new website!

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    @clfletch wrote:

    Try http://www.rivermatchdiary.com – my new website!

    What a great idea!!! good luck mate…..and don’t forget the river Yare opens are on every Saturday right up to October, I will let you know when the river Bure matches take place.

    Here you go,


    The organiser Tony Gibbons will allow individuals to fish if you contact him.

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    I booked in for the first day on the Yare last night and I was number 78. Keep ringing up and Fordy might have to clear pegs on the Rockland section. I can only dream of how that section would fish these days….

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    I took a stroll along the Langley stretch on the Yare match length ( the first time I have been up there for a few years) today 12/6/11, it was just starting to ebb out, and the colour looked spot on for Bream, if Thursdays match is not won from there ( peg 145 in particular) it will mean there are Bream throughout the match length in huge numbers, I will be working in Norwich on Thursday but on the phone for regular updates.

    78 anglers for a mid-week river match is nothing short of exceptional nowadays, it also proves beyond all doubt that there are a lot of lazy ,bone idle dole grabbers in Norfolk and Suffolk with nothing better to do in life ~sick

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    Bob, there is nothing better to do in life than get out fishing on the river on June 16th ~clap. Whether that be taking a sicky or not!

    A lot of the guys are self employed or like me retired and others have lots of holidays to take. How better to take a day off than to be on the river! I doubt that the dole benefits these days allow one to take in many matches on the R Yare what with the price of petrol and the bait list.

    A proper match that, 78, and on a weekday on a river. Glad to know that the river has some colour at high water at least and as we have a split tide with high water around midday it should be a good day! Can’t wait and no doubt I will sleep badly Wednesday night.

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    Clive – great idea …. as the weeklies are a waste of time for planning. See you on the Avon on in a couple of weeks, desperately needs some rain in it at the moment.

    Bob – 78 is a great turnout for any open nowadays, especially on a river! I may just have to take the long trip over to Norfolk a few times this summer.

    The Severn at Bridgnorth was regularly getting 50+ until last year, when it fished poorly by all accounts (I only visited the once).
    Olney on the Great Ouse can attract 50 or so on a good day, and I hear that there will be opens again this year at Kempston – which can be a great venue.

    Winter or Summer, most of the big river matches in the midlands seem to be team leagues. These days, apart from the Wye Champs, I’m content to mostly fish 15-40 peggers – as long as there are a few fish to go at.

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    Ref: Lower Thames Champs. Push comes to shove Stu and some of the Davies boys will probably run it but can’t guarantee sponsorship level we’ve enjoyed. I wish Dave would have a re-think, I know he and his team put a huge amount of work in and it can get on top of you but it really was one of the best and appreciated by all.

    I also believe Davies are also going to run a few Saturday Thames Opens through the summer.

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