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        Hi All,

        Ok I’ll be honest, I love my technical thinking to fishing meathods but when it comes to lines I just go out and buy out!

        So which lines do people use and what type of fishing. I’m looking for a line to get the best casting distance from the beach for clear/shingle bottom. I need a colour and/or a clear option 🙂



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          Hi Alan,

          Everyone has their favourite clear or coloured,if you stick to any of the main suppliers i.e…..

          Suffix Titanium

          Daiwa Tournament


          Red Ice


          Most mid priced lines offer good knot strength,lay nicely on a multiplyer,have a constant diameter and high abrasion levels

          GOOD HUNTING!!!!!!!

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            Imax Hypercast or Suffix Tritanium will serve you well and can be bought in red or clear.

            About 0.35mm Diameter is probably best, but you could try the Tritanium 12lb at 0.30mm if you feel it will make a lot of difference. The slightly thicker 0.35mm lines will last a few extra sessions and give you a better knot strength.

            Get back to work BigBob :o)

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              Have you read the latest mags on line tests?

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                Yes it was because I was bored and read the testing lines page (I usually skip that bit) that got me thinking. I need new line on the reals, I’m struggling with distance and as I’m mad I trust you guys more than the incentivised mags 🙂

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                  The only way to get a true opinion on line is to try it yourself, on the beach, over several sessions.
                  Keep checking the leader knot, some lines seem to break at this point after only one session and see how it rough’s up through use, by running it through your fingers as you reel in.
                  I found the Imax and Suffix to be very good, I have some Greys line as well and this seems to be quite tough.

                  To be honest, I think the best value – quality line is probably the Suffix.

                  If you’re not a big caster, then stick with 15lb to 18lb line with a diameter of about 0.35mm

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                    Ade, So did mine, hence I need to change it. Off to my beloved Devon next week for a few days! Bass and macky fishin! Ok macky fishin and dreamin hehe

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                      Got to be Honest I have tried most of the usual suspects and paid top whack. However time before last 1 bought 5km of cheap line from Veals and it was great stuff, changed it every two outings no messing with turning on the spool or checking it, just chuck and re-fill, this time for £30 I bought 10km from UK Hooks and if anything its even better, at 10km I can fill both of my Abus up 15 times, which equates to a years fishing at least.

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                      Dick Melaney

                        Ebay item no` 120143981811

                        Chuff me, what a bargin!!!!!!!!

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                          My uncles just phoned me, he hooked a good sized bass this morning, played it for ages but when he pulled it over the net he shreaked ewwwwwwwwww and threw it back rod en all!!!

                          I was quite shocked with this tall and horrified a bass could have disgusted him so, especially as he is a seasoned bass angler (git never shares his secrets through 🙁 ) When he finally got round to telling me what disgusted him so, he just said he’d seen the most hideous thing he’d ever seen! A bass over 10lb with bright orange lettering spelling “n4lly” down its flank!! Sorry n4lly looks like its been caught 🙂

                          Thanks for the advice on the lines guys I’ll try one of them this coming week. 4 days, buckets of live eels and my trust alarm clock….

                          For the moon shines bright
                          As my bass puts up a fight
                          Pulling with all its might
                          This fish will make my night

                          As the sun starts to show
                          And I pit my wits again my foe
                          My rod bends like an archers bow
                          This bass aint for eating, oh no

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