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    If its 60lb per net how many nets do you guys take down with you ? I know im a Sh&t Bas%$rd and I will only need 1 net !!! but do you all take 5 nets incase you catch 300lb on Bolingey ? Im going to have to do some borrowing lol !

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    obviously you have to take more nets Ant I think it was tylers or one of the lakes we fished that had a 60lb limit and I weighed in 298lb luckily the scalesman was leniant as I was a tad over.I take four to these venues and cadge more if needed

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    TF_Baku Blanker

    Last year in the Preston festival they said 4 nets and split them evenly for Bolingey but that might changed now with this 60 lb limit.

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    with all those nets are they trying to stop you fishing down the edge

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    TF_Admin Girl

    No – that is the last thing on our mind is stopping people fishing down the edge.
    It is for fish welfare as in previous years we have had over 100lbs in one net and 2 roach in another.
    We want people to split their fish equally so the fish are under a lot less pressure which will protect our fish stocks for the future.

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    Good call Kirsty. Loads more fisheries are now taking this route, it protects fish stocks for the future ~clap

    Ant – no need for you to worry mate 🙂

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    Johnny I’m only taking 1 net ! I’ve never caught 60lb ever !

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    Haha, I’m sure you’ll need at least two 😉

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    I will take 5 nets with me I will be able to lend 4 out !

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    Roy you and I could share the same keepnet ?

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    Probably good for the angler as well as the fish – speaking from (very rare) experience, lifting out a keepnet with over a ton in it is back breaking stuff!

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    fish welfare is most important and this is well overdue,as i have witnessed on many occasions that some people dont have any common sense at all when it comes to splitting fish between nets

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    Whats 60lb a net got to do with fish welfare?

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    60lb per net is absolutley fine by me the intention of the post was just to see how many nets lads take down with them, thanks for everyones replies im going to take 4 keepnets with me and pray I dont catch more than 240lb ! I wish !!! Roy see you in 3 weeks and god help anyone who has me or you in their section !

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    Looking at peg 38 at Bolingey today and I guess anybody would need at least 6 nets! It was solid!

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    you ll be needing 3 nets on your winter silver fish matches soon stewart!!!

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    peg38 solid typical when i had peg37 in the preston fest it came last in section all week but i did managed to get 6th in section but that was without any carp

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    @the margin gnome wrote:

    Whats 60lb a net got to do with fish welfare?

    I will tell you why it helps the fish at the Suffolk Water Park to have a 60lb limit.


    That saves people dumping 90lb of fish into the weigh bag then taking 20lb out, then another fish, dropping them on the ground, then yet another fish out, all the time the fish are suffering to some extent or another. Keep the net limit 60lb and if the scales bottom out, tough cheese!

    Perhaps that is why at Whiteacres as well.

    Doesn’t really matter anyway, they are their fish, their water and their rules.

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    WE’VE been using 3 nets for years, we still catch down the edge.But you still get splits of 100lb 25lb and 10lb.

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    yes bob see u next week some time

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