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    So ……………….. Who won it ???????

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    Callum won it, Lee Edwards 2nd, Clint 3rd.

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    Anyone have the full result?
    Kirst ~think

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    Garbolino Mosella Winter Festival Overall Result

    1st Callum Dicks (Maver) 24 points
    2nd Lee Edwards (Preston Innovations) 22
    3rd Clint Elliott (Preston Innovations) 22
    4th Dan Varney (Banbury Gunsmiths) 22
    5th Mick Vials (Preston Innovations) 22
    6th Dave Pickering (Pickerings) 21
    7th Adam Wakelin (Preston Innovations) 21
    8th Simon Fry (Garbolino) 21
    9th Jon Arthur (Pole Fishing magazine) 21
    10th Darren Cox (Garbolino) 21

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    Thank you both. Ive been following it all week on News Reel but there hasnt been any NEWS of the Final Day !!!!!!!!!! maybe they hold it back so the “Press” can report it first.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Nope, we dont hold it back. I have been away for the weekend so just doing the final days info now, should be on within the next hour or so.

    Cheers, Kirsty

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