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    TF_Admin Girl

    1st Grant Albutt 9 points 162lb 2oz

    2nd Martin Leck 9 points 137lb 8oz

    3rd Doug Wright 9 points 126lb 13oz

    4th Paul Yates 9 points 105lb

    5th Lewis Murawski 9 points 103lb 1oz

    6th Andy Inglesant 9 points 100lb 5oz

    7th Adam Wakelin 9 points 98lb 13oz

    8th Des Shipp 9 points 94lb 14oz

    9th Steve Ringer 9 points 92lb 12oz

    10th Darren Fordham 9 points 92lb 12oz

    11th Pete Bowles 9 points 87lb 14oz

    12th Paul Lamb 9 points 79lb 11oz

    13th Callum Dicks 9 points 72lb 6oz

    14th Anthony Waters 9 points 67lb 12oz

    15th John Pantry 9 points 67lb 3oz

    16th Steve Martin 9 points 60lb 13oz

    17th Dean Kenworthy 9 points 14lb 7oz

    18th Andy Renton 9 points 12lb 7oz

    19th James Granger 9 points 10lb

    20th Jimmy Garside 9 points 5lb 13oz

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    three donny lads in the top twenty.~clap ~clap ~clap .well done.

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    Hi Kirsty thanks for this, I see the usual suspects are topping the leader board again!!
    Are we going to be treated to a write up of each days fishing on your news reel web site?

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Yep – should be done in the next half hour, will post on News-reel and then post a link on here.

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