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    TF_Admin Girl


    Here is how the top 20 looks as we go in to the final day.

    Cheers, Kirsty

    1st Phil Ringer 35 points 373lb 9oz

    2nd Kieron Rich 35 points 249lb 4oz

    3rd Jamie Wilde 34 points 329lb 14oz

    4th Tommy Pickering 34 points 291lb 6oz

    5th Lee Edwards 33 points 352lb 6oz

    6th Jason Le Bosquet 33 points 284lb 13oz

    7th Steve Clark 33 points 241lb 10oz

    8th Timmy Rowe 33 points 206lb 8oz

    9th Wayne Sharman 32 points 402lb 10oz

    10th Dean Barlow 32 points 300lb 9oz

    11th Tony Butler 32 points 241lb 7oz

    12th Leigh Hodgkinson 32 points 230lb 3oz

    13th Russell Grimes 32 points 173lb 13oz

    14th Alan Rutherford 32 points 165lb 7oz

    15th Paul Holland 31 points 385lb 1oz

    16th Marc Jones 31 points 227lb 4oz

    17th Callum Dicks 31 points 212lb 13oz

    18th Roly Maeneaney 31 points 186lb 11oz

    19th Nick Speed 30 points 361lb 3oz

    20th Alan Scotthorne 30 points 348lb 9oz

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    Come on Timmy!!

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    When are you putting the draw for next week up Kirsty?? Cheers in advance.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Hi Tim

    It wont go up until tomorrow sorry, as there are still people from this week to qualify so have to wait until I have the final names before we do the draw.

    Cheers, Kirsty

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    Of course, silly me.


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