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    Here is how the top 20 looks after day one

    Cheers, Kirsty

    1st Paul Holland 9 points 2228lb 4oz

    2nd Phil Ringer 9 points 185lb 6oz

    3rd Tony Butler 9 points 123lb 14oz

    4th Tommy Pickering 9 points 106lb 12oz

    5th Callum Dicks 9 points 103lb 10oz

    6th Andy Lloyd 9 points 98lb 4oz

    7th Kevin Baxter 9 points 91lb 12oz

    8th Dean Barlow 9 points 85lb 2oz

    9th Jason Le Bosquet 9 points 84lb 6oz

    10th Lee Edwards 9 points 81lb 3oz

    11th Luke Sears 9 points 68lb 2oz

    12th James Hawkins 9 points 53lb 15oz

    13th Andrew Crocker 9 points 53lb 8oz

    14th Timmy Rowe 9 points 52lb 4oz

    15th Stuart Bracy 9 points 51lb 6oz

    16th Kevin Wadge 9 points 49lb 2oz

    17th Jamie Wilde 9 points 33lb 4oz

    18th Lee Thornton 9 points 23lb 7oz

    19th Martyn Howard 9 points 15lb 12oz

    20th Grant Albutt 9 points 15lb 3oz

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Sorry, got a bit carried away with Paul Hollands weight – should actually be 228lb 4oz!

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