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    TF_Admin Girl

    Overall Top 20

    1st Steve Ringer 35 points (dropping 8) 398lb 6oz

    2nd Adam Richards 35 points (dropping 8) 327lb 11oz

    3rd Adam Wakelin 35 points (dropping 7) 393lb 6oz

    4th Nick Speed 35 points (dropping 6) 434lb 14oz

    5th Richard Lawson 35 points (dropping 4) 356lb 4oz

    6th Russell Grimes 34 points (dropping 7) 284lb 7oz

    7th John Whincup 34 points (dropping 6) 375lb 11oz

    8th Andy Bennett 34 points (dropping 6) 372lb 13oz

    9th Nathan Watson 34 points (dropping 5) 323lb 3oz

    10th Tommy Pickering 34 points (dropping 4) 315lb 2oz

    11th Andy Power 33 points (dropping 6) 237lb 4oz

    12th Alan Scotthorne 33 points (dropping 6) 301lb

    13th Callum Dicks 33 points (dropping 3) 223lb 8oz

    14th Luke Sears 32 points (dropping 8) 231lb 15oz

    15th Steve Clark 32 points (dropping 7) 275lb 14oz

    16th Lee Edwards 32 points (dropping 6) 345lb 4oz

    17th Kevin Wadge 32 points (dropping 6) 266lb 11oz

    18th Tony Gilbert 32 points (dropping 6) 250lb 5oz

    19th Grant Albutt 32 points (dropping 5) 348lb 11oz

    20th Colin Mulholland 32 points (dropping 5) 217lb 12oz

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    Not helping me Kirsty – I had a small bet with Darren Cox that he’d beat Derek Willan!!

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    Well done Steve
    More unwanted Mever gear eh.
    You could always pass it on to me, lol

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    Congratulations Steve, but once again what a tight frame.
    Thanks Kirsty for keeping us informed.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Hi All

    Here is the link to the info from the final day of the festival

    Cheers, Kirsty


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