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    I remember a while ago Darren Cox had a good day catching many perch on Sycamore while I think after tench!
    I am at WA first week in Oct – anyone got any tips for the perch?
    I have had many good days on Sycamore catching skimmers on corn/worm BUT not perch.

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    I was down there last week and heard it mentioned that somebody had caught some really big perch ( 5lb) on dead roach. Obviously not allowed in the matches but might be worth a try pleasure fishing when nobody is watching

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    No – I would not use a dead roach!
    I am thinking of a worm in the rushes close in???

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    casters! they love em, along with plenty of finely chopped worm…

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    I do recall Darren’s feature. He fished in the corner peg which is peg 10 I think. All around that end of Sycamore, the Eerie end, there is long grass growing in the margins.
    Great cover for the perch to ambush prey.

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    Yes I know the peg you mean, it is my favourite, but I have had no perch there.
    Had many good days catching bream/skimmers.
    Also good roach on the left in the edge on worm/meat.

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    Its strange but the perch seem to disappear during the summer months but as the weed starts to thin back and die off along with the water starting to clear the predators start to show themselves.
    I regularly fish margins for carp with ground bait and maggot and have had some cracking perch recently. Like skimmers they seem to like to stick together so if you get one you know more are around.

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    I think it was Pollawyn where Darren caught a big bag of perch from a not so good peg in one of the festivals. Think it was over 50lb.

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