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    The river Trent at Burton had a nasty pollution a few years ago but with the help of a decent restocking program by the EA there has been some good matchfishing and signs of a good future . Even on a gin clear river . So why can’t we get the Evesham stretch looked at ???? IMO it needs a serious effort to rid of masses of predators , possibly even catfish . When a winning weight of only 4lbs is required questions need answering , and those with buisness interests need stop fence sitting and get serious . Those that say it’s full of fish must be smoking some strange stuff or in the fields on mushrooms ! Or making a lazy buck and hoping the bums keep coming back for more . Only reason they return is for easy parking , the sport is the worst I can remember .

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    Yep, we made the decision 6 years ago to stop going in favour of the Severn and the Wye and from what i here, we have not missed anything of any note.
    If it was to have a major pollution incident, would it be looked at more favourably from a restocking point of view? I think it would, yes.

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    IMO Paddy the problem lays on the shoulders of those that consistently argue that the venue is full of fish . The club that run it , The local tackle shops , Local buisness women !! And probably Evesham town council . Every year harping on about the huge crowds the weekend attracts .!!! Truth is those that go to watch mostly shake their heads at the farce unfolding in front of their eyes . Giant match anglers taking ounces to the scales . Pittyfull !!! And the more they bury their heads in the sand theirs every chance nothing will be done .

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    Dare i say that it got that bad, i just gave up taking any notice of it and that is the truth.
    If you had a vested interest in something, would you talk it down?
    Can the people and bodies you mention be galvanised as one entity to have a common goal in leading a restocking in conjunction with the EA? They probably could.
    What i have learnt over the years when talking to bodies having certain durisdiction over water, land and wildlife is that you dont get if you dont ask.
    A typical trait of alot of anglers is that they love to moan and whinge, and talk alot instead of asking.

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    The truth is that I personally switched to commercial carping and spent I think some 16 yrs enjoying bagging up learning that angle only wandering in amazement at the bullshit poured at me and others accusing us of fishing muddy holes inthe ground .! Whilst they buried there heads in the ground suggesting they where proper fishing . Those that were left fishing rivers only fancied they were clever , claiming only catching small bags of fish were a testimant to skill .!!! In reality there is simple proof that the fishing had become crap . Simple , history proves that well stocked rivers provided the best talent . To name the top anglers in matchfishing would take too long but there can be no doubt that if no single or small number of top men cannot dictate Then this is because there simply is not a decent head of fish spread through the length of our fisheries . That’s why those left on rivers were not shouting loud . They thought they were a bit special !!!!! Sat on the fence and said nought ? 😮 😮 😮

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    I certainly think Evesham should have a stocking programme of some kind Paul and I can’t actually see why it isn’t being done. In fact I nearly put up a thread about it not long ago. I’ve heard talk about this in tackle shops too.

    The venue hosts showpiece events, so why oh why not do it ? Is it cost ? I know there have been fish refuges put in place, presumably to help in times of flood and possibly spawning, but it isn’t enough.

    Is it a case of someone needing to pick up the idea and actually get things moving ? I bet there are people who have looked at it and could tell us what the obstacles are.

    I should really end this post now and leave it at that …

    but there is one thing, that may be stopping it. I suspect there are people who say it’s about keeping it balanced as a fishery and not overloading it and the trouble is, regarding the numbers of fish in there, I’ve fished it during the week on my own and havent had that much trouble catching quite well and i’m nowhere near the standard of some of the anglers who turn out on it. So does that indicate there are more fish than we think, just that it doesn’t take pressure ?

    … I’m still very much in favour of stocking it though, it needs it for the festival especially.

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    I think evesham needs some stocking . Perch are not reliable for matchfishing . The Avon was prolific with dace and chub . Why won’t they tell us the reason it cannot sustain them anymore ? treated water doesn’t suit is my guess ! Also are Barbel suited to this water that comes down our rivers ,? can they thrive in the type of treated water we are given ? IF the answer is no better than any other fish then who suggested to the EA to stock them into the Trent . Matchmen want chub dace and roach and gudgeon . Once barbel get a hold you can kiss goodbye to winning with other fish , and the plastic pig takes over . Who do they consult ? If anyone . :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    Paul i think the biggest problem at evesham is three matches a week when i saw Seans net of Roach on the Monday you could tell from the size there must be a healthy number of fish in the stretch . People say fish can’t be educated but three matches a week over how many years tells you most must feed in the evenings or night with the odd match throwing up now and again . a new strain of fish have appeared on the soar after all the bad weather over the past few winters the Soar has never been better .Put three matches a week on it and you would soon see the differents resting sections is key to good fishing roll on the winter league ..

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    Your right Joff , too many matches a week soon slows things up , But some extra fish would be welcome I’m sure . Especially those dace and chub . Rotating the venues was what London AA did on the canal circuit when there was one . We used to have it happen on the Avon years ago , but more by accident than design because we discovered Twyford farm . The super quality of that venue attracted large numbers as did the upstream venues Grove farm and Hampton Lucy , Stratford and Luddington . The Evesham Festival was all that held together that venue . Loved by many and I’m not knocking it ! It was along with Hampton ferry downstream where I did much of my apprentiship . Sadly it is now in a sorry state and I believe those that continually big it up only gives the EA ammunition to do sweet FA . They even had the cheek to tell us some years ago that it was full , nothing wrong but we needed to change our tactics !!! The proof is on the Results sheet .

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    Paul. Evesham has a healthy stock of fish, I agree there is loads of pike, but surely there would only be loads of pike if there was enough sliver fish for them. They have every right to be there as any other fish.

    There is 4 matches a week at Evesham running up to the festival. Monday nights is the juniors, Wednesday Saturday and Sunday. In my view that’s the biggest problem, with a little pace and colour the river is different all together.

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    I know James you are a huge fan of this stretch and I repeat I also have fond memories . Pike eat Pike and they are also partial to perch . They must do great damage to any emerging stocks. Together with the zander , cormorant , and otter population . Note I added Otter , ?? But perhaps doubtfull. There are also some worrying stories , and also a few Apparantly genuine descriptions of catfish captures in very close proximity . IF I were to set up a rare breed of animal , of the 4 legged variety there is no way I would put wolves or foxes in with them because they have any rights . However I would not advocate a wipe out of all predators especially perch !!! After all to rid of that fine predator the perch would see a drop in the catch rate of 50 percent ???

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