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    has anybody got a how to on wills hinge rig cant get it online without paying for it
    sorry im a tight git

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    There is a short clip on youtube called will raison hinge benefits.

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    i tried that but it does not show you how

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    The rig is used with a Method feeder.

    He uses 1 1/2″ of 12lb coated esp braid. Then a small rig ring. Then 1 1/2″ hook length attached to the rig ring. 2 Small Styl weights are then pinched onto the braid near the ring. Pop-up used on hair.

    I would really recommend the emag’s. Brain usually has an offer on in January for 12 months emag subscription. Been a subscriber for 3-4 years now. Well worth a read every month and they now have 30 mins plus of session video. Lots of advice along with tips and tricks to help us all catch more fish.

    Welcome to V2V Angling Productions the home of Will Raison Fishing eMags videos & DVDs

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    thanks paul for the info much appreciated

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    been using this rig most of last summer after watching wills video but ive been using it in conjunction with a little 10g banjo feeder with micros in+an unpumped expander pellet in the band found it works a treat for skimmers but dont try it for a few month just yet :rolleyes:

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