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    Just got back from the muck heap to get red worm . it’s firkin freezing !! 😮

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    Just been out doing the same,saw a gap in the rain,got on top of heap and heavens opened again.Horrible,glad I wasn’t out today.

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    It was pretty cold loading the car this morning at 6.30 and when the rain came, man did it throw it down.
    The fishing was superb though as the lake i fished, fished its nuts off.
    Ended up with 34 Crucians, 6 Bream, 2 Tench, 1 Perch and 3 Carp.
    Highlight of the day was a PB Crucian of 2lb 8oz which was a super fish.
    All caught on 4mm JPZ’s.

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    Good fishing that Paddy . What a super fish the Crucian . Crafty critter and shy biting . around Redditch where I live there were lots of small pools , with them in . They were good places to learn as a kid . Flour paste with custard powder and dyed pink !!! Got me a few . Sadly many have been filled in and built on . Wede have emptied it on pellets . :p :p :p

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    I love em Paul. I like how they are shy biting and you do have to get the depth right on day, dont you think?
    I fished a peg under a Hawthorne bush today and the berry’s were dropping off into the water.
    Out of curiosity i picked a couple up, hooked one and bingo, had a Crucian! Had another bite on the other one and missed it!
    I have caught on Elderberries before, but never Hawthorne, but i suppose there another food source naturally at this timeof year.
    I remember a couple of pools on old industrial wasteland in Darlaston where i was born and they also had good Crucian in them, but alas, they were filled in as well.

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    Paddy I haven’t tried Hawthorne berries . We always think fish want soft baits , but look at hard banded pellets ! boilies , hempseed . When you stop trying stuff you stop learning . Many years ago there was a match at Longleat . I watched an angler feeding castors and catching beautifully crucians when those around were not . I saw the sun shine through the bait on his hook ! And thought it a bunch of bloodworm . He kindly showed me strings of strawberry jelly he cut with a sharp blade . I then went on to win a carp match at Lodge Pool in Reddich . Never pursued it much further but tried alsort . Love it , so do you .!!!!! Keep thinking . 😉 😉 😉 :p

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    Im trying to post a piccy of that Crucian, but having problems…….. :confused:

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