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    Hi guys , got a team match here a week on friday , dont know which lakes or how many teams , unfortunately we are going blind , does anyone have any info to offer as we dont expect to win but we would like to compete and catch a few. Many thanks , PM if necessary. John.

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    I believe the lakes we are on are , hay , barley , ghost , and high.Come on guys any info , Also can you use the method or just open ended feeders.

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    lot of info on the site mate
    havent been there for years cant help you
    i know its frustrating when you dont get any replies but you may not get any now

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    hook bait 8mm feed pellets soacked and some 6mm exspandas
    feed 2bags 4mm pellet 1bag 6mm for shallow and 3to 4 tins off corn
    feed 1 line top4 then i fish 2 lines at 6mtrs 1 at 10 oclock and 1 at 2 oclock them have a shallow line at 13mtrs and 2 margin lines to the palets if you can see them i would start off feed a small amount off pellet corn on your 6mtr lines then go straight on your 4 mtr lin eyou usally catch a couple straight away just feed with a kinder pot either 8mm or 6mm pellet on the hook fish this till it goes dead the go on your 6mtrlines you will find you will have a couple then it dies so feed that line then go to the other 6mtr line just keep tryin all 3 lines if struggling try shallow feed 6mms fish 6mm banded pellet kepp feedin the margins last couple hours can be solid

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    Thank you, can I just ask , I take it the tip plays a part on hay and barley, is the info the same for all pools we are on, I think high pool is the problem for us with going blind, how deep is it on the 4-6m lines. Thank you

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    The tip will be part of your armoury on Hay n Barley, you can`t use method feeders but either them preston feeders with elastic in or a cage feeder or just ping pellets over n try the bomb. Methods do tend to work on all pools. High is deep upto about 10` but to be honest just fish either top 2 at 10 n 2 oclock n maybe top 4 just dropping down the shelf. Also again at 13 mtrs fish shallow with pellet, you don`t really need to go long and fish the deck on High. If you have a bit of room on High try to the next peg in the margins as well.

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    Thank you

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    yes sorry mate the feeder will work use the new preston pellet ones but you have to use the inline ones you can now use a short hook lenght . also high pool top 2 and top 4 and i also have one atb 6mtrs(7 to 9ft) as a back up if it is hard float sizes at 6mtrs 4x 16 if not winder if windy a 4x 18 try find a flatt ish part plumb round and youll find a flat spot . top 2 is about 4ft top 4 up to 5 ft

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    is anyone on here fishing friday? just wondering if you know how many teams are fishing ?will there be much room?

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    Thanks for the info guys , my team came 3rd of 14 , and I came 2nd overall , 91 lbs off barley.

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    well done mate

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    Cheers , lovely place , well run , friendly people, Thanks to west mids for running it.

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