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    1st Netherlands
    2nd Czech Republic
    3rd Serbia

    England finished 16th highest placed English angler Callum Dicks 50th place

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    What a difference a year makes!!

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    I bet the lads did their best. given fishing 70 gram plus flat floats is out of our comfort zone. watched a video of the polish team practising with 100. gram flat floats rig was only in the water for six seconds.

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    I am sure the team did do there best but there are not many if any waters if any like that Holland and they seem to master it ok they must have known when the venue was chosen what the condition’s could be like did they practice anywhere similar prior to the weeks practice. I am sure there will be a inquiry why they finished so low so to correct it next time the venue is the same

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    could it be the type of fishing we do here in the U.K now. I know alan scothorne used to fish matches here fishing the slider and the bolo so he could be the best he could on those methods.

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    The Squad were practicing the venue for a full 2 weeks prior to the event . Largely at their own expense . Nowhere in England gets near to requiring this method . IMO there are no changes that would better these men . They are the best ! I think there must have been a groundbait error . Something not spotted and sorted . I don’t believe the Dutch to have a similar venue to practice on in their homeland ? And in recent years they have not beaten us . One failure compared to the near domination of recent years will do us no harm . Also the choice of these bizar venues is IMO deliberate to achieve exactly what’s happened ! They won’t hand it on a plate . Just a bit of extra pressure for next year . Remember before we mastered bloodworm .???? 🙂

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    I believe the dutch used sticky mag and gravel only and fished short 9/10meters it seem to do the biz for them I know they mentioned using this tactic many weeks prior to the match if the conditions got like they did . Perhaps its good for the competition that it was a bit of a freak result all round and England finishing so low at least it get people talking.

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    Only thing about us talking is we must sound like the experts on the terraces . Never having kicked a football . Still we are all allowed to express our thoughts . Imagine the Dutch jubilation . We probably thought of them as good pole and bream anglers . To win at this sort of discipline will give them a big buzz . What are their best results in the past 10 yrs ??? . :rolleyes:

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