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    I have a wormery that has now got a fair fair few worms in it so wot do I put in the worm bag with the worms to keep them ok all day…is it peat or just topsoil or what…cheers

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    A bit of peaty soil and butternut squash peelings worked fine for me.

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    yeah anno but its just to take to matches and then I will put um back in wormery

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    If they’re dendras then definitely bark chippings & put a layer on top of wormery if you’re going to split the contents between bag and wormery. In a bag with just dampened bark they’ll eventually turn it into fine compost, it’s like a kebab to a pisshead for dendras that stuff! Works ok for redworms too but be sure to keep them damp and avoid too much temperature or acidity changes.

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