Friday 8th October                      6:30pm Sky Sports 3
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Sat.      6:00am Sky Sports 4

This week Keith’s guest will be carp fishing legend Frank Warwick. Considered to be one of the true pioneers of the sport, he’ll be discussing his passion for carp and some of the innovative methods that have helped him catch huge specimens all over the world.
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We get out on the bank with carper Iain Macmillan at Lemington Lakes in Gloucestershire. As well as demonstrating the effectiveness of the chod-rig, a great tactic for weed-ridden lakes, he’ll have tips to help more serious anglers maximise their time on difficult waters.
You can see Keith in action at Gold Valley lakes in Hampshire where he adapts a carp angler’s approach to solve a match angler’s problem. As he shows, using a variation on the KD-rig can help remove the occurrence of ‘line-bites’ at commercial fisheries when carp are the target.
Keith will also have his weekly guide to conditions and the best methods and baits to use on a variety of different waters around the UK. Whatever type of fishing you’re into, Fishery Focus will have information to help you get the most out of your sport this weekend.
On Tight Lines next week Keith will be joined by Mark Barrett, secretary of the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain. With the predator season now getting underway in earnest, they’ll have some great advice to help you catch bigger and better specimens.
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