ANGLERS in the north of England can get their hands on a new guide packed full of information about the sport free of charge.
The North of England Angling Guide 2003/2004 has been published by the Environment Agency.
The 84-page full colour guide features still waters, rivers and canals in the north east and north west – that’s more than 800 fisheries from the Scottish borders, down to Chesterfield and Congleton.
The booklet reveals the type of fishery, where to find it, plus contact numbers and an indication of what restrictions may apply.
Agency Fisheries Officer Steve Chambers said: “This essential guide has been completely revised and is published in a handy A5 sized so anglers can carry it around with them while they are enjoying their sport.
“The north of England offers such a wide variety of excellent fishing and spectacular scenery. Many rivers, such as the Aire and the Mersey are recovering from a long history of pollution and now play host to thriving fish stocks of many different species.”
The guide is broken down into easy-to-use geographical areas and also has sections on:

  • Disabled angling, including wheely boats and where to find them
  • Byelaws for the Agency’s North East and North West Regions
  • Rod licence information and where to buy them
  • Angling good practice, including water safety tips
  • Useful angling phone numbers and websites
To get your free copy of the booklet, call the Agency’s General Enquiry Line on 0845 933 3111.