Tuesday open Bonsai Lake 21 fished
1 Mark Booth (garbolino lindholme) peg 60 caught on bomb and pellets for 119lb 6oz2 Steve Dyson (garbolino lindholme) peg 43 caught on pellets at 13 mtrs for 108lb 13oz3 Glen Tucker (assasin baits) peg 63 caught on pellets for 89lb 7oz
Thursday Open Bonsai Lake 20 fished1 Nick Speed (shimano) peg 47 caught on bomb and meat for 99lb 6oz2 greg norris (garbolino lindholme) peg 70 caught on bagum pellets for 92lb 11oz3 john allerton (tricast) peg 31 caught on pellets for 77lb 3oz
Sat Open Bonsai Lake 28 fished1 Paul Wright (halkon hunt) peg 44 caught on pellets and pole for 139lb 14oz of small stockie carp2 Steve Dyson (garbolino lindholme) peg 41 caught on pellets for 98lb 14oz3 Stev Cooke(garbolino) peg 64 caught on maggot for 80lb 8oz4 Steve Rothery (garbolino lindholme) peg 55 caught on waggler for 79lb 2oz
Sunday Open Bonsai and Oasis Lake 43 fished
1 Greg Norris (garbolino /bagum ) peg 43 bonsai caught on pellets on 13 mtrs of pole for 129lb 5oz2 Daz Taylor (garbolino lindholme) peg 78 caught on maggot and pellets for 98lb 7oz3 Ben Fisk (middy) peg 9 bonsai caught on pellets for 89lb 1oz4 Alex McCloud (garbolino lindholme) peg 81 bonsai caught on pellets for 82lb 12oz5 Richard Taylor (police) peg 46 caught on pellets for 78lb 13oz6 Alex Dockerty (garbolino juniors) peg 65 bonsai caught on pole for 74lb 11oz