Graham and match ace Pete Rice (so he tells me!) run the on-site tackle shop (tel: 01926 842188) and take all the match bookings. Graham gives Midland Angler readers the low-down this month and predicts some excellent fishing during the next few weeks. House 2 Pool (39 pegs), known as the ‘Extension’, will be maggot and pellet feed (TNTBF’s own brand only) with any permitted bait on the hook on your pole line/s. Carp to 8/9lb, F1s, roach, perch Golden orfe and odd tench are all likely to turn up in a session either at 10 metres or out to 14m up the island. Club Pool (24) is all pole work at anything from 12m to 14m to the island, with bread in punch form, pellet or maggot for carp, plus bream in the 3/4/5lb range, but tench will grab a chunk of flake over pellet feed. New Pool (44) is ideal for youngsters and a short pole or float rod, coupled with some maggots and sweetcorn, is all that is needed for a brilliant day’s sport and a grin as big as the Grand Canyon! Bigger carp to 20lb and over are waiting to be fed on the Bottom Pool (29), as a whole bunch of new kids on the block have really upset the big girls, nicking all the grub, so get some feed in and use bigger baits than usual and strong tackle … an extra change of underpants might be handy if you hook one on the pole! There is also a 24lb Ghostie that has not yet been caught, and floats around just under the surface, but I’m led to believe that Pete Rice has been attached … but not for long! Day tickets are £7 (that includes the use of a keepnet) with concessions £5 during the week and breakfast is served every day of the week. Don’t forget to have your card stamped as after every five visits to Tunnel Barn Farm the next trip is free. Contact fishery owner Mike Hamlington for club bookings only on 01926 842975.