Fishery manager and top, top match ace, Mal Watson (tel: 07966 890086), is absolutely certain that the ‘worm will turn’ and fish will come sucking up as we move into April. Just a handful of neat worm, washed off, is all that is needed for a session, along with some casters and a pint of pellet feed (Moorlands own brand), in order to bag-up. Mal tells me that 1 kilo of Dendras lasts him a full four matches … mind you, he’s never been known to buy a round! Silver Pool (46 pegs) is a long pole job at 11/12 metres for chopped worm and caster feed, while at the bottom of the near shelf at 6/7m, where you’ll 5ft of water, pellet (Moorlands brand) and sweetcorn are the baits to use. Carp to 15lb can make their presence felt, but they average between 3lb and 4lb, and to top that lot up, there are loads of ‘stockies’ that go two to a pound and growing. Island Pool (28) has depths of up to 15ft and is a good worm water, but anglers need to fish at around 3/4ft deep, as that’s where the big Crucians, carp and cracking roach tend to cruise, just off the 8ft deep shelf which plunges down at around 8 metres … that’s your maths lesson for this month! Kids should head for Middle Pool (12 pegs only) with a can of corn, a pint of maggots and a bag of feed pellets, where stockies, roach, skimmers and some big ’uns will come to either pole or waggler tactics. Down the edge is where the double-figure carp lurk with the rest of ’em scrapping it out on the 6 metre line. Day tickets are £6 with concessions £5 and after 1.00pm it is £4.50 and £4 respectively. There is an on-site tackle shop, with the lovely Karen serving up hot food and drinks in the 85-seater café and bar (so you can get a pint after fishing!), and owners Mark and Shaun can be contacted on 01299 2500427 with the gorgeous Tracy taking club and match bookings on the same telephone number.