With the cold weather moving in the fish are still feeding with pleasure anglers reporting excellent catches including f1’s, common carp, mirrors, barbel, roach and skimmers.

TBF opens and matches this week have been won with bags in excess of 115lbs. 

Top Pool
Pellet to the islands at 6m and down the edges for f1’s, ide, roach & skimmers.Maggot shallow through slop and on the deck has been producing large bags of silvers.

Bottom Pool
Pellet at 6m to 8m has been producing f1’s and silverfish.Chopped worm is now tempting the larger stamp of perch and bream.

House Pool
Method feeder to the island using dead red maggot  in a crab & krill ground bait has been tempting large mirrors and commons up to 8lbs.Pellet at 6m or 8m down on the deck for mixed bags of f1’s, bream, roach and carp.

Extension pool
Pellet at 10m and 16m towards the island is producing good bags of f1’s, roach and perch.  Pellet or maggot through a super skimmer ground bait down the inner margins has been producing good bags of f1’s, roach and skimmers. 

New Pool
White maggot @ 6m has been producing large bags of f1’s roach & skimmers.Pellet through ground bait slop and micro pellet at 4-6m has seen large bags of f1’s & mirrors being caught by both match and pleasure anglers.

Canal Pool
In general pellet and maggot are the best baits at 6-8m and across to the island.Mirrors and Commons are feeding and pleasure anglers are reporting f1’s up to 3lbGood bags of silvers are being caught.

Club Pool 
Maggot and pellet through groundbait slop at 6-8m has been producing good bags of f1’s with some nice mirrors and commons.Pleasure anglers have had good bags fishing pellet and maggot of large bream, roach and f1’s at 6m. 

Jenny’s Pool
Pellet or maggot to the island or at 6-8m down the track has been producing good bags of f1’s, silvers and mirrors.The fish have moved into the inner margins where maggot has been working well with good bags of f1’s & stockies being caught.

High Pool
Pellet over feed pellet with constant feeding at 4m out on the shelf is producing good bags of stockies from 6oz to 2.5lb.Maggot at 4-6m has been producing good bags of stockies, f1’s and mirrors and commons.

Worm and caster must be ordered by Monday if required for the weekend matches.


Date: Monday 10th December 2012Pools: Club Pool
No F/man: 18

1st P Hancox Birmingham 47 – 13 2
2nd R Winfindale Stirrup Cup 41 – 10 11
3rd S Birch Northfield 29 – 8 5
4th Tom Neale Rutlanders 23 – 14 13
5th M Causer Adroit Ac 20 – 12 21
6TH B Edwards Youngs TBF 15 – 5 17

Date: Tuesday 11th December 2012 
Pools: Jennys Pools
No F/Man: 16

1st C Constable TBF Vets 63 – 9 27
2nd P Hancox Birmingham 47 – 8 24
3rd D Chapman TBF Vets 23 – 10 16
4th T Thomas TBF Vets 23 – 5 19
5th M Hodgkins Gap 18 – 8 3
6TH K Turner TBF Vets 14 – 1 11

Date: Wednesday 12th Open
Pools: Extension Pool
No F/Man: 16

1st A Mansfield Maver Gold 30-8 21
2nd L Capewell Maver Gold 28-4 23
3rd M Capewell Maver Gold 21-10 25
4th P Rice Bagem 20-1 33
5th L Wetton TBF Baits 19-7 38
6TH J Keasey TBF 16-0 5

Date: Thursday 13th December 2012
Pools:   Jenny’s & Club Pools
No F/Man: 30

1st A Gibb TBF Vets 53-5 CL 18
2nd T McGuire TBF Vets 53-0 CL 1
2nd K Turner TBF Vets 43-13 J 27
4th R Sturdy TBF Vets 42-7 J 19
5th A Robinson TBF Vet 32-0 CL 20
6TH D Waldron TBF Vets 31-4 CL 5

Date: Friday 14h December 2012
Pools: House Pool 
No F/Man: 16

1st L Wetton TBF F1 Baits 41-10 30
2nd A Mansfield Maver Gold 33-10 29
3rd P Rice Bagem 31-9 6
4th R Davis TBF Vets 30-15 4
5th K Kesey TBF Vets 28-6 1
6TH J Keasey TBF 24-9 16

Date: Saturday 15th December 2012  TBF Winter League  5th Round
Pools: New, Extension, House, Top & Club Pools
No F/Man: 72

1st Brian Greenbury ABC 84-14 CL 21
2nd Craig Elkin Barston 76-14 CL 13
3rd Chris Bradney Neaths 4 69-07 CL 23
4th Paul Bick Match Fishing Drawbags 58-02 CL 11
5th Joe Carass Match Fishing Drawbags 54-9 H 14
6TH Keith Haynes Mosella Banks & Burr 50-7 CL 1
7th Aid Mansfield Maver Gold / Bagem Baits 49-11 H 21
8TH Pete Baggot Fishless 4 47-12 T 33

Date: Sunday 16th December 2012 Pools: 
Canal & Jenny’s Pools
No F/Man: 36

1st D Bolton Mossella 90-0 J 21
2nd M Barwell Maver Gold 85-11 J 27
3rd J Walkden W B Clarke 69-15 J 4
4th P Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 58-10 J 2
5th W Jennings Storeys 57-15 J 6
6th M Haycock TBF 54-6 J 19
7th D Bache Maver 46-0 CA 3
8th P Caswell Alcester Sports 39-12 CA 22