Tunnel Barn Farm WL, Shrewley Warwickshire (72 fished)

Rob Lawrence (Mosella Central) 93-3-0, pole and pellet at eight metres, against the island, to return a mixed net of carp, roach, tench and bream, peg 37, on the New Pool; Adam Rooney (Garbolino Bald Eagles) 90-15-0; Ray Knowles (M.C.M.) 87-10-0; Pete Rice (Tunnel Barn Farm) 84-13-0; Paul Newell (Daiwa Dorking) 84-2-0; Darren Cox (Garbolino Bald Eagles) 83-0-0.

Teams: Garbolino Bald Eagles 66; Tunnel Barn Farm 57; Daiwa Dorking and M.C.M. both 51; VdE Essex 46; Thatchers 45.