Latest match results from Sherwood Forest Farm for Wednesday 21st January.

Holmedale Lake,
Wednesday 21/1/09
18 fished
1st Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 32, 14-6-0

2nd Bernard O Conner Gateford Angling Supplies peg 15, 11-1-0

3rd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 4, 9-10-0

4th Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 52, 9-3-0

5th Steve Skinner Gateford Angling Supplies peg 42, 8-2-0

6th John Moseley Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 47, 6-7-0

It was a very cold start to the match with ice in the margins but when the wind got up, it got even colder making it a struggle to catch. Gateford Angling boss Geoff and team mate Bernard were the only two to catch carp (all the other weights were made up of roach and perch ) both having 6 carp each with Geoff’s biggest carp going 6lb all caught on a small pellet feeder and corn cast to the old lily beds, Bernard’s biggest fish was 3lb and caught on the straight lead and corn cast to the small island.