Shares in a company producing a new ‘GM salmon’ shot up following news that the fish could be sold in American within two to three years.

The US Food and Drug Administration has completed a report which states that the DNA-altered AquAdvantage salmon is “as safe to eat as food from other Atlantic salmon”.
Their report discovered “no biologically relevant differences” in their in vitamins, minerals or fatty acids, adding that they felt that the AquAdvantage salmon is “highly unlikely to cause significant harm to the environment”.
The FDA is now holding a public meeting on 19 September on, but environmental groups fear the decision has already been made and that this could give the green light to the production of genetically engineered trout and tilapia.
Angling groups have voiced concerns that the GM salmon could cause untold damage to wild fish populations if they escape.
Shares in Aqua Bounty, the company that has created the fish, rose 26 percent on the news.