THE West coast of Ireland has produced another monster blue fin tuna in the shape of a near 900lb giant.

The huge fish – measuring nine feet long and pictured above – was captured by Marco Whittle Power during a trip out of Killybegs in Donegal.

The fish took some two and a quarter hours to bring to the side of the boat and another 20 minutes to take aboard. It was taken to Killybegs Harbour, where it was officially weighed at 870lb 2oz.

Marco was fishing with pals Bernard Wyse, Gerry Pierce and Noel McDonagh on a trip organised by just half a mile off the Donegal coast when the tuna showed and struck into an imitation squid fished on 12/0 hooks. It was beaten on 130lb Ande line to a 130lb class rod and 14/0 reel.

The fish was gutted at harbour and taken to market, where it is expected to fetch between three and four euros a pound. Even without the head that makes Marco’s fish worth over £2500.