DESPITE angler pressure the known big chub of the Dorset Stour continue to grow and the venue record has just been beaten with a mighty fish weighing 8lb 8oz.

The chub formed the larger half of an incredible brace which was completed by another fine fish weighing 7lb 4oz, and fell to the rod of Blandford, Dorset specialist Ian Davis. It is pictured in this week’s Angling Times.

The bigger fish, which is only 2oz short of the British record, was in magnificent conditions and measured 23.25 inches and had a girth of 17.5 inches.

In fact most who have seen pictures of the current British record from the River Tees at Blackwell in 1984 would say this Stour fish looks much bigger.

Ian (45) took both fish within an hour on legered home made cheese paste on a size 6 Super Specialist hook, fished on simple link leger set up with 4lb braid hook length to a 4lb 12oz Powerline hook length.

He described the conditions as perfect for chub – the day was mild but the river was still carrying some colour following rainfall.

Ian fished with a 1.25lb test curve rod with a built in quivertip. He says he only ever fishes one rod so he can concentrate on bites.