A nifty idea from the Quest Baits boys.  A clear plastic tube containing four separate bait pots which can be used for carrying glugs, dips or an assortment of different hook baits.
The problem with most of the glug pots I’ve used in the past is that they are prone to leaking. This is usually caused by getting a drop of liquid in the threads of the screw cap – it then manages to work its way around the thread channels and out of the lid. By placing the tubs in an outer tube you stop all of that irritating spillage contaminating everything else in your kit.
Quest supply these tubes with four empty pots for filling with your own combination of baits… or if you tell them the size and type of Quest bait you’re using they’ll supply you with a kit containing the appropriate glug, dip, pop-ups and hard bottom baits.
Price – £12.99 with your choice of baits, dips & glugs or £5.49 empty
Phone: 08448 000345