With the continuing mild weather the trout have been active in the top two feet of water at Ravensthorpe reservoir and there have been reports of some surface sport to dries and traditional wet fly fishing. 

However, a number of anglers have chosen to fish with slow sinking lines and lures (Minkies etc) and have had some cracking sport with excellent conditioned fish in the 2-4lb range. Anglers have been losing big fish due to them running through the weed beds and snapping leaders and a good piece of advice is to use at least 8lb leader material and only fish one fly, especially when lure fishing.
Regular Ravensthorpe angler Doug Whibley caught and released a fine brown trout of at least 4lb 12oz which took a size 12 Dunkeld on a floating line while fishing a team of traditional flies.
The brown trout season has now ended and all browns need to be returned safely to the water.
There are some price deductions in November. Half Day permits (one fish) will be valid all day from 1 November until 31 December and priced at £16. Boat prices are also reduced in November and you can fish all day from 9am for £17.