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Rutland Water

Fish week 767 (Season 24,790) Returns 179 (5,576) Rod average 4.28 (4.44)

Rutland Water has been humming with boat activity this week. Tuesday evening saw the culmination of the popular evening boat league and on Wednesday we hosted the Anglian Water 4 Man Lochstyle team event.  At the weekend 60 boats took part in the Sportfish Team Championship, organised by John Horsey

During the week we experienced variable weather conditions, culminating in some very strong winds on Saturday.


Competition news

Tuesday Night Boat League – week 14
Richard Cooper came into week 14 with an unassailable lead, so the final night was an informal evening without a weigh in. 13 anglers fished, catching 24 fish.  The prize for the heaviest fish of the league was still up for grabs. On the last night Ziggy Lesiakowski caught a 3lb 15½oz Rainbow to win a free mid week boat for the heaviest fish of the week.  Although Ziggy didn’t match the cracking 4lb 11½oz Brownie, caught in week 9 by Dave Bradshaw, Ziggy took the heaviest fish of the week on no fewer than four occasions. Nigel Savage presented Dave Bradshaw with the league’s top fish prize and Richard Cooper with a £50 tackle voucher – it was Richard’s fourth consecutive win in this popular league. Sid’s Fish and Chip Shop got the supper order spot on and Hilary Tomlinson provided two delicious cakes to round the evening off in style


Final league positions

1st                       Richard Cooper        84 points

2nd                      Ziggy Lesiakowski    56 points

3rd                       Gary Cooper            41 points

4th                      Adi Naylor                36 points

5th                      Keith Jones              31 points

6th                      Dave Bradshaw        29 points


Four Man Team Lochstyle
This was a well supported match with ten teams fishing.  The rod average was 5.78.  Al Gamble, fishing for RAF Fish Hawks Team A, had a fantastic day with the best fish at 4lb 10 5/8oz and the best bag at 18lb 15 3/8oz.  Top team was Soldier Palmers A.

1st      Soldier Palmers A                      32 fish for 65lb 15oz

2nd     Adam Labelestier’s Team                    27 fish for 57lb 5oz

3rd      Greenwell Persauders               25 fish for 55lb 9¼oz

4th      RAF Fish Hawks Team A            23 fish for 54lb 7½oz

5th      Musketeers South                     26 fish for 53lb 2¼oz

6th      Musketeers North                      26 fish for 52lb 13 5/8oz

7th      Soldier Palmers B                      22 fish for 47lb 14¼oz

8th      RAF Fish Hawks Team C            24 fish for 46lb 2 3/8oz

9th      RAF Fish Hawks Team B            14 fish for 29lb 4¼oz

10th    RAF Fish Hawks Team D            12 fish for 24lb 8 5/8oz

The Sportfish Team Championship Final 20 & 21 August

114 anglers fished the final of the Sportfish Team Championship. Anglers achieved a rod average of 4.18 – quite an achievement considering the strong winds that made conditions difficult on Day One.  The best fish of the match weighed 7lb 14oz and was caught by Dave Eames.  Top individual rod was Kieron Jenkins with a total bag weight with time bonus of 43lb 14oz.  Kieron fished for winning team Fulling Mill Nymphomaniacs who weighed in 88 fish for 175lb 11oz.

The top ten teams were

1st      Fulling Mill Nymphomaniacs      88 fish for 175lb 11oz

2nd     RAF Fish Hawks                        77 fish for 161lb 6oz

3rd      Welsh Hawks                            71 fish for 146lb 10oz

4th      Greenwell Persauders FFC                  59 fish for 123lb 5oz

5th      Elinor                                       58 fish for 117lb 15oz

6th      The Renegades                         58 fish for 116lb 7oz

7th      Tweed Valley Tanglers              51 fish for 111lb 9oz

8th      BRFA Drifters                            56 fish for 111lb 8oz

9th      Team Airflo                               53 fish for 107lb 10oz

10th    Northern Drifters Stocks           49 fish for 106lb 12oz


Prospects look good.  Following the strong winds last weekend conditions should settle down nicely.  There are plenty of fish around the reservoir with masses of food available. Not many bank anglers seem to be taking advantage of the many fish still close in around the shoreline in many areas.


Boat availability is limited during the coming weekends – please book well in advance.


Best Rainbow                           7lb 14oz taken by Dave Eames.

Best Brown                               4lb 10 5/8oz taken by Al Gamble.


Best boat areas                        The main basin, fishing lodge frontage, bottom of the arms for big fish.


Best bank areas                       Normanton, Armley Wood to Barnhill Creek.


Best methods                          Bank – dries/nymphs, fry patterns.
Boat – as for bank but include various lures (large and small) on various sinking lines.

Mid week boat winner               J Brady of Hucknall.

Beginners courses 28 August; 11,17 & 25 September and other dates throughout the season.
Fly fishing for Pike from 16 May
(subject to boat availability).

Predator lure fishing 1 – 30 September
WaterAid boat competition 16 September
Anglian Water Rudder Match 17 September 


Grafham Water
Fish Season 551 (Season 17591) Returns 73 (3078) Rod average 7.55 (5.71)

Anglers have enjoyed a fantastic week at Grafham Water recording a rod average of 7.55.

Boat fishing is producing great sport with a variety of methods.  Buzzers have fished well this week, particularly black buzzer.  Fish are also being caught on black nymphs.  Other reports suggest that diawl bachs and GRHE are a must have.  The shrimp pattern is also being talked about.  Anglers are reporting catching in Gaynes Cove, Savages Creek, between the two boils (drifting), the Seat and Sanctuary Bay.  However it is well worth noting that fish are being caught almost everywhere!

Last week we were forecasting more fantastic bags to come from the bank.  However we weren’t expecting to see bags into the 20’s!  Some awesome angling has proved that the banks are well worth a go.  Casting a line out into deeper water and allowing the wind and current to swing the line round on the Dam is producing the most fish from the bank.  Shrimp patterns and hares ears are the best flies to use, though fishing a blob on the point with nymphs and buzzers is also reported to be working well.

Steve Battle had a day to remember at Grafham, recording both the best Rainbow and the best Brown of the week.  These two fish combined to make it the best Rainbow and Brown brace of the season at 11lb 12oz.  Steve fished at Savages Creek on ptn’s to produce a superb 6lb 8oz Rainbow followed by a 5lb 4oz Brown.  Two other anglers with good catches were Messrs Pritchard and Thyler. The pair managed a whopping 36 fish to the boat. Steve Jones also had an impressive week with 28 fish in his bag, followed by 36 fish two days later.

For all those who enjoyed, or perhaps missed out on, our first 50th Anniversary Match, now is the time to enter the second Pairs Boat Match. Join us on Saturday 24 September as we celebrate the reservoir’s 50th anniversary in style.  The match will be fished to relaxed international rules, drifting boats and no time bonus. With cash prizes and concluding with a barbecue with drinks it promises to be a very enjoyable day.  Call the fishing Lodge on 01480 810531 to enter or email

Please bear in mind, particularly during the hot weather, fish may struggle to go back straight away when released.  Please take your time when releasing to ensure fish are safely returned to the water alive.

Competition news
The Invicta Fly Fishing Club’s mid week boat league has finished for the season.  It’s been a rather tough league for these guys due to weather constraints in the early part of the season, although they managed to finish on a high. The winner of this year’s league is Keith Gilchrist with a total of 42 fish.  Runner Up spot went to Paul Heavens with 26 fish and Mick Thorpe took third place with 23 fish.  A big ‘thank you’ from all at Grafham to all the Invicta members.  They are a friendly and helpful group so for those interested in joining please check out the Invicta website or email Paul Heavens for more information.


GWFFA Casting Skills Coaching/ Boat Fishing Skills
Saturday 27 August 1.30pm at Grafham Water Fishing Lodge

Grafham Water Fly Fishers (GWFFA) is hosting a free skills refresher afternoon on Saturday 27 August at the Grafham Water Fishing Lodge.

It’s a great opportunity for those new to the sport to learn the basics of how to cast. Improvers can enjoy coaching on casting style and technique.   Mark Brinkman of GWFFA says “We will also have a selection of rod sizes, weights and line styles for you to try your hand with. Different casting styles are often needed to get the best out of the rods and lines.  If you have your own tackle please bring it as we can complete a line/balance check for you.  It is also good to try out new techniques on the equipment you normally use”.

There may be an opportunity to go out with an experienced GWFFA member for an afternoon’s boat fishing skills coaching.  This will be on a limited basis with a small charge of £5.00 as towards the cost.

As GWFFA wishes to give personal tuition in small groups the numbers are limited.  Please book your place by emailing with you name, contact details and if possible give an idea of the skills coaching you would like.


There will be more on predator fishing next week as we hear reports of some nice specimen sized fish being caught.


Best Rainbow                           6lb 8oz taken by Steve Battle.


Best Brown                              5lb 4oz taken by Steve Battle.


Best boat areas                        West Bank, Sludge Point, Gaynes Cove, the Dam, B Buoy, G Buoy (drifting) and the Seat, Savages Creek.


Best bank areas                       The Seat and north and south Dam, Plummers.

Best methods                            See report.


Mid week boat winner               Oliver Thomas of Tilbrook.


Fish stocked                             2,000.


Beginners courses 4,18 & 28 September and other dates throughout the season. 

Fly fishing for Pike from 16 May (subject to boat availability)

Predator lure fishing 1 – 30 September
Lure Anglers 1 September
Lure Anglers 4 September

EYFA Youth National 11 September
Troutmasters Final 19 September (no bank or boat fishing available for non competitors

50th Anniversary Pairs Boat Match 24 September

Lure Anglers 25 September


Pitsford Water

Fish week 117 (Season 12,645) Returns 34 (2,167) Rod average 3.4(5.8)

Pitsford Water continues to fish well with a rod average of 3.5.  Shrimp, snail and corixa are on the trout’s menu and floating lines with small boobies and hares ear patterns are accounting for a lot of the fish being caught.  Best bank area at the moment is the Gravels with lots of fish in the margins.
Boat anglers are still heading to the Dam, Boils and main bowl.  Fish are now starting to move down the water into the Narrows.  Boat tactics have been similar to bank with floating or slow sink lines and hoppers and wet flies working well.

Mr R Gration from Telford had a productive day on the boat including a lovely 4lb 8oz Brown in his eight fish bag.

Dates for your diary

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association meets at Pitsford Lodge on the second Saturday of the month with fly tying, casting tuition and friendly advice on all fishing matters.

Best boat areas                        Dam, Boils and main bowl.

Best bank areas                        The Gravels.


Best methods                          See report.


Mid week boat winner               P Jeffs of Rushden.

Forthcoming events 

Lure fishing and fly fishing for Pike from 16 May
Lure fishing for trout (boat only)
July & August

Beginners courses 27 August; 3,16 & 21 September and other dates throughout the season.
EFFA Match
1 September

Round 5 AMC Group 1 4 September
EFFA Match 8 September.

East Midland FF Match 11 September

Polish Lure Anglers Match 17 September

Lure Anglers Society Match 8 October

MNTF Match 9 October


Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Fish week 104 (Season 9994) Returns 38 (1424) Rod average 2.7(7.1)

Fish continue to be caught on dry fly at Ravensthorpe.
Steve Johnson and Geoff Makin shared a boat and drifted.  The pair fished crippled midge pattern.  They managed 22 fish between them.


Best boat areas                        Drifting mid water.


Best bank                                 Dam.


Best methods                          See report.


Mid week boat winner               Steve Johnson