7th February 2016 Sunday – Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League

Moat/Bridge/Croft – 44 pegs

•             R Walker, Rotherham

B Isl 13


Bridge and Croft were certainly the lakes to be on in this latest round of the teams of 4. Robin Walker made the most of a back wind and fished long pole with maggot over groundbait to catch a nice mixed net of skimmers and perch and overall victory today.

•             C Greensides, Northern Inn

Croft 0


Chris Greensides edged his section and the overall second place today. Chris caught tench, bream and perch using casters, pellets and groundbait.

•             N Wheatcroft, Wheatos Hotshots

Croft 4


Nigel Wheatcroft finished third with a nice mixed net of silvers caught on long pole and maggots.

•             K Baxter, Daiwa Drawbags

B Out 38


•             T Sears, Daiwa Sensas

B Out 34





6th February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (18 Pegs)

•             L Hewison, Leegem

Island 64


The Carp refuse to move far from the 60’s on moat island. Lee Hewison made the most of peg 64 fishing bomb and cone with pellets for carp to 10lb

•             J Barningham, Fantackletastic

Outer 6


John Barningham opted for a feeder approach to the far bank reeds for 12 carp to 6lb

•             A Berisford, Leegem

Island 61


Arthur Berisford fished dead red maggots for carp and skimmers

•             G Gibson, Leegem

Island 73


•             M Parsons, Hallcroft

Island 67





4th February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (27 Pegs)

•             S Robbins, Leegem

Island 64


Steve Robbins drew the fancied area on moat island and made no mistake with 71lb of carp. Steve fished bomb and pellet cone with corn for carp to 8lb

•             M Parsons, Leegem

Island 61


Martin Parsons opted for feeder to the far bank with dead red maggots for 7 carp

•             P Topham, Retford

Island 58


Pete Topham fished pva bag with hair rigged pellet for his 3rd place finish

•             G Hiley, Mansfield

Island 67


•             M Cooke, Retford

Outer 56