8th February 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (24 Pegs)

  • G Gibson, Worksop

Outer 96


Once again the boat was called out for ice breaking making conditions far from ideal for fishing. Gordon Gibson just got the win with a last gasp carp. Gordon fished bomb and maggot for 6 carp to 10lb

  • S Gray, Worksop

Outer 99


Stuart Gray also caught 6 carp alternating banded pellet and maggot on the bomb for 2nd place finish

  • J Barningham, Lincoln Wisby

Island 5


John Barningham had best silverfish weight from island 5 with 15lb. John fished maggot over groundbait for skimmers to 2lb

  • J Kelly, Kellys Store

Island 9


  • T Brown, Leegem

Outer 74


7th February 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (21 Pegs)

  • S Cameron, Garbolino

Outer 97


The ice on Moat pool had to be broken by the boat yet again for this latest match, but there were still plenty of silvers caught. Sean Cameron drew favoured aerator on moat outer and blitzed the field with 54lb. Sean fished hair rigged 4 and 6mm pellet for carp to 8lb

  • B Holmes, Matrix Trentmen

Island 10


Ben Holmes bagged the best silver fish weight from island 10. Ben fished maggot and pinkie at 6m and 13m for skimmers to 2lb

  • J Barningham, Lincoln Wisby

Outer 78


John Barningham also caught silver fish from outer 78. John used bloodworm over groundbait

  • S Clark, Mansfield

Outer 93


  • G Mumby, Retford

Island 22


5th February 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (23 Pegs)

  • T Brown, Leegem

Outer 98


With melting ice and a cold northerly wind conditions were far from ideal for this Vets thursday match. However, Tony Brown sat it out on bomb with corn and pellet and was rewarded with two acrp weighing 13lb a piece

  • R Holmes, Notts AA

Outer 106


Roger Holmes also played the waiting game but used double red maggot on th etip for his 4 carp and skimmers

  • G Hiley, Mansfield

Outer 74


Geoff Hiley opted for pole with maggot and pinkie over groundbait for skimmers to 2lb

  • P Bagshaw, S Twigg Barnsley Blacks

Island 26,23