29th March 2015 Sunday Leegem Spring League round 3

Moat Pool – 60 pegs

•             B Sullivan, Leegem

Isl 11


Brian Sullivan continued where he left off last week by winning this round today. Brian caught mainly carp using corn and pellets down the deep margins and hairigged corn on the feeder.

•             G Mumby, Team Frenzee

Out 6


Gaz Mumby edged the close second place with some nice carp caught on the long pole with maggot and groundbait down his margins.

•             L Hewison, Leegem

Out 24


Lee Hewison fished a t-bag filled with pellets and used banded meat on the hook and netted carp too 9lbs.

•             J Skipper, Gainsborough

Out 103


•             S Shepherd, Worksop

Isl 14





Winter 2014/15 Saturday Individual Winter League Results

Moat Pool – 25 Pegs

•             B Holmes, Matrix Trenmen

278 pts

Ben Holmes performed outstandingly throughout this winter to win overall by a clear 25 pts. Ben consistently picked up good bonus points by catching skimmers very round from wherever he drew.

•             G Mumby, Team Frenzee

253 pts

Gary Mumby edged the battle for second place also aided by some decent silverfish nets gaining him extra points, something he targeted all winter.

•             S Cameron, Doncaster

247 pts

Sean Cameron was the surprise package this year finishing third place. Sean was a welcome newcomer to winter fishing at Hallcroft and showed his pellet fishing skills well this year.

•             P Miles, Rotherham

231 pts




28th March 2015 Saturday Carp/Silver Winter League Final Round

Moat Pool – 24 pegs

•             P Miles, Rotherham

Out 26


Pete Miles sat on the feeder with corn for most of the match, but switched to his deep margins late on for some bonus carp in his winning net today.

•             A Sellars, R&R Sports

Isl 54


Andy Sellars also caught on feeder tactics, but used groundbait with maggots to catch carp and bream for second place.

•             G Gibson, Worksop

Isl 43


Gordon Gibson took third spot with carp and bream taken on bomb and meat to the middle of Moat.

•             B Holmes, Matrix Trentmen

Isl 61





26th March 2015 Thursday Veterans Open Match

Bridge/Croft – 28 pegs

•             J Hobson, Sheffield

Croft 6


Anglers were pegged tighter, but out of the wind where possible today to make angling more comfortable. Jack Hobson was the clear winner fishing a small groundbait feeder and punched meat to the middle of Croft for nearly all carp just shy of the ton mark.

•             D Sewell, James Maude Linden

Croft 23


Dave Sewell fished pole and pellet over 4mm feed pellets to catch carp and tench to edge the close second place.

•             T Brown, Leegem

B Out 23


Tony Brown fished a feeder to the far side of Bridge and caught mainly small carp too 2lbs using banded pellet.

•             R Brooks, Sheffield

B Out 32


•             G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling

Croft 0






25th March 2015 Woodseats Wednesday Knock up

Croft Pool 10 pegs

•             W Galpin, Leegem



Wayne Galpin won this close knock up, where silverfish dominated the catches. Wayne caught silvers and carp from his deep margins using pellets and corn.

•             M Holmes, Woodseats Angling



Mark Holmes was just edged into second spot with over 40lbs of silverfish (Tench and Skimmers) using pole and caster over groundbait.

•             L Wright, Leegem



Lee Wright took third spot with a nice mixed net of carp and tench using expander pellets on the long pole.

•             L Richmond, Woodseats Angling






23rd March 2015 Monday Veterans Costcutter

Bridge Pool – 10 pegs

o             R Ashcroft, Retford



Ron Ashcroft edged this close Monday match with the help of some bonus carp. Ron caught his mixed net using expander pellet on the pole.

o             R Patching, Bryden AC



Roy Patching fished the margins using pellet and corn and netted mainly carp for second spot.

o             D Sellers, Sheffield



Dave Sellers took third spot fishing pellet on the pole at 10m over loose fed micros.

o             T Furby, Notts AA



o             S Cooper, Sheffield