11th May 2014 Sunday Leegem League Round 10

Moat Pool – 60 pegs

•             M Watson, Leegem

Out 100


This final round of this years Leegem League finished with a bang for Martin Watson as he lead the field today with his top weight of the year so far. Martin caught carp on the pellet feeder to the middle of Moat using banded 8mm pellets.

•             G Gibson, Worksop

Isl 70


Gordon Gibson took second place today with some decent carp caught from the margins using big pellets over micros and groundbait.

•             P Topham, Leegem

Out 63


Pete Topham finished off what was a great league for him with another framing weight. Pete caught carp on the feeder using a PVA Bag and corn.

•             A Sellars, R&R Sports

Out 91


•             D Newman, Leegem

Isl 49


•             P Schoof, Leegem

Out 54





11th May 2014 Sunday Open Match

Bridge Pool – 26 pegs

•             S Clark, Mansfield

Isl 1


Steve Clark was back to winning form with a nice ton plus net of carp and skimmers. Steve fished worm on a short pole and down the margins over maggot and micro pellets.

•             P Miles, Rotherham

Isl 19


Pete Miles took second place with a net of mainly carp all caught shallow using meat and pellets at 13m on the pole.

•             M Brownell, Mosborough

Out 28


Mick Brownell fished pellet on the pole to catch carp up to 12lbs in his third place net today.

•             A Oldham, Frenzee

Isl 6


•             K Baxter, Mosborough

Ot 35




10th May 2014 Saturday Open Match

Bridge Pool – 25 pegs

•             A Crouch, Garbolino Ossett

Out 58


Today’s match on Bridge made for a tight contest, as plenty of anglers were in with achance of framing. Alan Crouch fished corn to the margins for a winning net of mainly carp with the odd silverfish.

•             A Sellars, R&R Sports

Out 20


Andy Sellars sneaked second place with some decent carp caught from the middle using waggler and meat.

•             D Dare, Marukyu

Isl 1


Dave Dare fished maggot and corn over groundbait down to the reeds where he netted carp and silvers for third spot.

•             A Bailey, Doncaster

Out 10


•             S Clark, Mansfield

Out 38


•             M Westley, Worksop

Isl 26




9th May 2014 Friday PM Open Match

Moat Pool – 24 pegs

•             A Berisford, Leegem

Out 56


Arthur Berisford was today’s winner in what turned out to be one of the closest matches this year. Arthur caught on a pellet feeder to the middle of the bowl on Moat to land carp up to 10lbs in his ton-plus net.

•             A Bailey, Doncaster

Isl 49


Andy Bailey edged the really tight second spot with a nice net of carp caught mainly shallow on the pole using banded feed pellets at 13m.

•             R Teigh, Handsworth

Out 48


Rich Teigh continued his good form of late with a nice ton plus net of fish caught from both margins using corn and pellets.

•             S Gibbons, Mansfield Angling

Isl 40


•             M Hall, MAP Tuxford

Isl 58


•             D Newman, Leegem

Isl 64





8th May 2014 Thursday Veterans Match

Croft, Reed and Canal – 27 pegs

•             M Cordall, New Packet

Can 11


A change of lakes today was needed to allow for preparations to be made for some big events coming up this month. Mark Cordall took full advantage of his draw on Canal and fished pellet to the far side for a nice Ton Plus net of small carp and skimmers and overall victory today.

•             R Turner, Retford

Croft 0


Reg Turner took second spot with a nice mised net of carp and tench caught on the pole at 10m using meat and pellets.

•             A Berisford, Leegem

Canal 13


Arthur Berisford adged the close third place with a nice net of small carp caught on banded pellet over groundbait and feed pellets.

•             R Holmes, Notts AA

Croft 27


•             S Twigg, Leegem

Croft 25





6th May 2014 Tuesday PM Costcutter Open Match

Bridge Pool – 29 pegs

o             S Bargh, Leegem

Isl 19


Shaun Bargh was the clear winner today with a nice ton plus net of carp. Shaun fished the pole at 13m, shallow using luncheon meat.

o             K Talbot, Sheffield

Isl 1


Ken Talbot fished corn to the margins for a nice mixed net of carp and silvers to claim second place today.

o             L Hewison, Leegem

Out 48


Lee Hewison caught shallow on the pole at 13m also using 6mm cubed luncheon meat today.

o             P Schoof, Leegem

Out 17


o             M Hall, MAP Tuxford

Isl 16





5th May 2014 Bank Holiday Monday Open Match

Moat Pool – 38 pegs

o             N Wood, Leegem

Out 105


Nigel Wood was today’s winner with his first Ton Plus net this year. Nigel fished the pole at 8m on both diagnals using maggot over groundbait to catch decent sized carp and bream.

o             R Teigh, Handsworth

Isl 67


Rich Teigh finished his match strong by catching well from the margins using pellet and corn. Rich would have pushed first place even closer if he hadn’t missed his keepnet with a carp!

o             S Conry, Rotherham

Out 101


Steve Conry edged the close third spot with a nice net of carp all caught on a shallow pellet waggler to the middle of the lake.

o             A Berisford, Leegem

Isl 2


o             D Whiting, Button Hole

Isl 30


o             J Masson, Colmic Marukyu

Isl 10