24th July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (42 Pegs)
D Oldham, Maltby Outer 6
180-6-0 Daz Oldham made it 2 wins in 2 with this victory from moat outer peg 6. Daz fished pellet and corn for 25 carp to 12lb
 S Clark, Mansfield Island 68
125-7-0 Steve Clark fished bomb and pellet and maggots and worms down the edge for 15 carp and some skimmers
R Teigh, Handsworth Island 15
110-7-0 Rich Teigh fished shallow pellet for 20 carp to 8lb
J Wilde, Colmic Island 20
J Skipper, GainsboroughI sland 9

23rd July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Moat Island (18 Pegs)
D Oldham, Maltby 33 240-4-0 This was a very good saturday match with 8 weights over 100lb. Daz Oldham drew peg 33 and went on to catch 240lb on shallow meat and pellet
L Marshall, Doncaster 20 149-3-0 Les Marshall fished on the deck with banded pellet and shallow with meat and pellet for carp into double figures
N Watson, Louth 29 137-9-0 Nathan Watsonb also fished shallow for his 137lb and 3rd place
S Clark, Mansfield 24 131-10-0
R Tidwell, Hallcroft 41 130-2-0

22nd July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Friday Afternoon Moat Island (20 Pegs)
D Whiting, Buttonhole AC 67 160-14-0 Dave Whiting returned to winning ways with this impressive win. Dave fished worms over hemp and down the margins for carp well into double figures
S Taylor, Rotherham 59 95-13-0 Steve Taylor fished shallow banded 6mm pellet at 13m for carp to 9lb
P Schoof, Hallcroft 98 2-7-0 Paul Schoof alternated paste on pole and pva bag for 3rd place finish
A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe 21 81-15-0• J Dye, Sheffield 55 77-7-0

21st July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Bridge/Croft (31 Pegs)

L Hewison, Leegem Croft 09 6-2-0 Lee Hewison won this Vets open from Croft pool with 96lb. Lee fished shallow pellet with waggler and pole for carp to 8lb
R Holmes, Notts Br Out 41 79-12-0 Roger Holmes also fished pellet both up in the water and on the deck for carp and skimmers
P Tatley, Mansfield Br Out 48 73-13-0 Pete Tatley fished paste over pellet and hemp for carp into double figures
P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks Br Isl 762-9-0
P Fisher, Retford Br Isl 16 61-10-0

18th July 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Bridge Outer (14 Pegs)

D Farr, Ollerton 27 99-14-0 Dave Farr had to wait late on for carp to feed in the margins. Dave caught 15 carp to 12lb on corn and pellet
S Taylor, Rotherham12 92-10-0 Steve Taylor fished banded 6mm pellet up in the water for carp to 8lb
P Schoof, Hallcroft 39 74-0-0 Paul Schoof fished paste and catmeat over pellet and hemp for carp to 10lb
TR Teigh, Handsworth 50 57-15-0• K Pacey, Gainsborough2354-4-0