HALLCROFT Fishery is being put up for sale, Total-Fishing can reveal.

Joint owner Bran Talbot will be moving over from the Retford complex to manage Moorlands Farm in Worcestershire, with his brother John Talbot retiring from the fishery management game.

 John Talbot

“It’s a sad day really because we have built up the fishery from scratch into one of the top waters in the land. But we are at the top now and have nowhere to go,” said John.

“The problem is we are too busy. Bryan is working seven days a week and is not seeing his family. He wants to spend more time with his three kids.

“ I’ve worked every weekend for the last 20 years and just feel it’s time for someone else to have a go. Hallcroft is for sale with immediate effect.”

Both John and Bryan have been looking at property in Spain in recent weeks and John did not rule out selling Moorlands Farm as well, although it is not currently for sale.

Hallcroft, which is without question one of the country’s top commercial match waters, is currently being valued and John was not prepared to take a guess at what he thinks it’s worth.

The site includes four main lakes and four stock ponds, 85 acres of grounds, a large four bedroom house, a stretch of the River Idle, a caravan park, restaurant and tackle shop. The site also includes the biggest commercial lake in the land – Moat Pool, which holds 190 anglers.

The business also holds a water abstraction licence for the Idle, meaning that the lakes, which are aerated, need never run low.

“I would say this is the biggest fishery complex ever to come onto the market in the UK,” added John, who will continue to work on the farm at Moorlands. “Makins had the lakes but not the property.”

It’s believed Makin’s was bought by British waterways for a figure approaching £2million. Former owner Billy Makin is now living in Tenerife, where he has two properties.

Anyone interested in purchasing Hallcroft should call John on 01299 250427.