TECHNOLOGY is making gadgets smaller and smaller and the latest handheld fish finders prove the point admirably.

The AFL-1000 from Australian firm Aurizon Technologies is designed to sit neatly in the palm of your hand and runs off four AA batteries.

It tells you if there are fish in the swim and the depth at which they are lying. You will also get an idea of how big they are.

It displays fish in depths up to 30 metres, with an alarm function to alert the angler when a shoal is found.

There is also a backlight for night use. It is supplied with 10.7 metres of transducer cable, an extra sensitive transducer and a large ‘float’ positioned on the cable from which the transducer is suspended.

Use it from either the boat or riverbank, by guiding the float and transducer around your swim with a rod or pole. Website:

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