Specialist Hard Mono

Hard Core, super hard mono is another innovative development in monofilament design from Ultima. With a completely new raw material and new extrusion technology, we now produce the hardest line on the market.

Hard Core was originally designed for leaders for predatory fish such as the pike, zander and even baracuda, but this new and totally unique product is being used for new applications all the time.

Great success has also been had with use as a leader for carp and sea fishing, where this line stands up to high abrasion conditions like nothing else.

Direct contact is incredibly positive with a factor of only 8% being much more akin to braid (3%) but still offering just that little bit more give, to reduce the chance of a snap off.

A a super tough leader for the hardest conditions whether carp, pike or sea fishing Hardcore provides a great advantage.

Not only is it very strong, but it has an extremely high knot strength of over 75%. Even more remarkable is the outstanding abrasion resistance that is over ten times more than one can expect from a high quality mono.

A truly ground breaking product that must be tried to be fully appreciated.

More and more new uses are being found for this remarkable new product and we will keep customers and anglers informed of all developments through the website.

Abrasion resistance is quite unbelievable – Hard Core is so tough that it can be used to replace wire leader for predatory fish like pike and baracuda.

“Great addition to any carp anglers kit, steam straight for super stiff hook lengths, also a great leader for fishing to snaggy areas.”
Pete Wilson

Hard Core Range and Specification
Available in 25m spools costing £5.95 from 0.16mm (4.4lb) to 0.80mm (90lb).

Hardcore Monofilament
This line is extremely hard wearing, and is quite happy to be dragged over rough ground all day long. It actually has an abrasion resistance that is ten times more than can be expected from a high quality mono – so even toothy fish will have a job to damage the line! It also has a superb knot strength of between 75-85 percent, which will allow the user to be confident in all of the rigs tied using it.

RRP £4.50 to £5.95
Contact Ultima on 01843 599595
Website www.ultimauk.com
TSF comment You can feel confident when fighting a good fish when using this line on you rigs.