Tom Moran Appointment.
Hardy and Greys Ltd are very pleased to announce that they have entered a partnership agreement with Tom Moran one of the best cane rod makers in the world.

Tom became obsessed with bamboo fly rod building in the nineteen seventies and gained a reputation as a first class rod builder with his very efficient compound tapers producing a medium progressive action. His trademarks include only using the best Tonkin cane and making all components from scratch including the famous handmade Moran snake guides .Tom describes cane as “of all Mother Nature’s natural materials Tonkin cane has the greatest stiffness to weight ratio, combined with great beauty and it lends itself perfectly to precision engineering.”
With the general resurgence in cane rods and particularly In the USA Tom found a demand for his rods in the US and worked there for three years, since his return to the UK Tom has continued his passion of working with cane and now he is bringing his considerable skill and expertise to Hardy and Greys Ltd.
Tom will work alongside the company’s’ current rod builder Calum Gladstone and together they will develop and grow the Hardy cane proposition.
 Calum has been with the company for twenty two years and is currently rod shop supervisor. He is particularly well known for his cane building expertise with the famous Hardy Gladstone rods. Commenting on Tom’s appointment he said “I am very excited about Tom Moran joining us, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from mixing with the best cane rod builders from around the world.”
Joining forces from a newly extended cane department in Alnwick, Calum and Tom insist that this is not a large scale production line, every rod and all its components will be individually hand made with each rod taking many man hours to build.

On his appointment Tom said “I can remember the magic and grace of the Hardy Marvel and CC de France when I started rod building, it’s a thrill for me to be part of that Hardy’s tradition”.