Hot on the heels of a new River Severn float record, the river match record has been obliterated by Dave Harrell with an incredible 213lb weight. 

Fishing in the Upton-on-Severn Festival, Dave drew a plum peg which is not usually used in matches but is known to hold a big head of big bream to 9lb.

Casting a feeder packed with fishmeal groundbait and brown crumb laced with casters and chopped worm about two thirds of the way across the river into 12 feet of water, the former England international was straight into fish and never looked back, bringing 38 bream to 8lb to the net.

He started aggressively with worm on a size 12 hook with 8lb mainline and a 0.20mm hooklength.

But once he realised how many fish he had in front of him he went even more on the attack, switching to a size 10 hook with three worms and a 0.23mm hooklength.

The weight is believed to have beaten the old River Severn match record by over 50lb.