With a thin layer of ice covering the surface of much of the canal, anglers were expecting conditions to be tough, on what turned out to be a bright,clear day.

The match was split between the Odder and Woodcock lengths, and
coming out on top with a weight of 6-6-0 from peg 39 at Odder was Dynamite
Trentmen rod Rob Perkins. Rob backed up some chunky perch on lobworm, with a net
of quality roach taken on bloodworm over groundbait at six metres.
Second placed John Small also found some quality roach to finish with 6-2-0.
John caught most of his fish on the long pole, fishing single bloodworm over a bed
of groundbait. Third placed Tom Scholey caught small fish on joker, before latching in
to some better quality roach on bread punch late on in the match.

1 Rob Perkins (Dynamite Baits Trentmen) 6-6-0 (Odder 39)
2 John Small (Spro Lincoln Whisby) 6-2-0 (Odder 37)
3 Tom Scholey (Pole Fishing) 5-8-0 (Woodcocks 19)
4 Glen Lawrence (Ultimate Barnsley) 4-14-0 (Odder 41)
5 John Blades (Spro Lincoln Whisby) 3-8-0 (Odder 39)
   Paul Ashley (Worksop) 3-8-0 (Woodcocks 18)

1 Rob Perkins
2 Matt Godfrey
3 Chris Jenkinson