Dennis Hellings is targeting the fish at a 14-acre gravel pit known as ‘The Cup’ and his latest session produced this 34lb 3oz common known as ‘De Kegel’ or ‘The Cone’.

Said the Taska backed angler: “Last year I fished about 30 nights there and with success. The only thing missing was one of the big mirrors.

“I’m particularly interested in the one called ‘Black Spot’ and decided to put all my efforts into it this spring and summer. It won’t be easy though – the fish in this lake are well known for their great escapes and some have not been caught for years.

“So far this year I’ve fished five nights and caught three fish, the most remarkable one being ‘The Cone’ – a  fish that is probably older than me and also one of most characteristic fish in the lake.”

Dennis fished Dreambait B.A.M. boilies on size 4 hooks to a soft coated hooklength, Baseline Tungsten Aligners Short Shank  and Baseline Tungsten Oval Beads in 4mm.

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