Drennan sales representative and big fish angler Mike Davidson landed this fish of a lifetime after making a last minute decision to fish a local chalk stream.

“Recently I was lucky enough to achieve a lifetime ambition of mine by catching my first 3lb roach from a river,” said Mike. “It weighed in at 3lb 3oz and was caught from a southern chalk stream on a short evening session.

“After a biteless hour, I switched from a bread flake hookbait over to 10mm bread punch and within 30 seconds of recasting the tip went round. Coincidence maybe, but it certainly did the trick!

“It beat my previous personal best roach of 2lb 14oz and one I always thought I’d struggle to beat. “Bread punches are a great addition to a specimen hunter’s armoury and offer a great alternative to flake when fishing for roach,” he added.

Mike used his 12ft Acolyte Ultra Feeder rod with a small fixed spool reel loaded with 4lb mainline, a simple link leger setup and a 2lb Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength with a size 12 Wide Gape Specialist hook.