Stephen O’Neill went on a fishing trip to Kerry with a few of his friends recently.  He decided to give one of the surf beaches a go, but due to exertions of the previous days (and nights) the lads weren’t up for it so he headed out alone.

On Stephen’s third cast he noted a small bounce of the rod tip, just a nibble. As he picked up the rod, it bent right over and he immediately lifted the rod to set the hook.  In the same moment the line was flying off the reel and he thought that there could be no stopping this fish, whatever it was. After a few minutes Stephen could see a stingray way out,  its tail clearly slashing in every direction.
The battle lasted a further 20-30 minutes and Stephen had to call in reinforcements. The lads were soon on the scene to give hand with unhooking, photographing and returning the fish.  Tasks that seemed pretty much impossible for a lone angler given the size and spirit of the big stinger, but with help, easily accomplished and the big ray swam off safely after her ordeal.

They didn’t weigh the fish as it was too big to lift and possibly pregnant. Between them they agreed it must have been between 55-60 lb. Whatever it weighed it is a super achievement and further proof that you won’t catch them if your not out on the water.