‘Get Hooked on Fishing Charitable Trust ’ the largest independent angling development body in the UK is introducing a number of new schemes around the country this year and have selected Hull as one of their key development sites.

Today they announced the appointment of Roman Buczynski as the Project co-ordinator to be based in Hull.  Humberside born Roman brings a highly diverse set of skills, experience, contacts and energy to the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ scheme.

Roman, who will be working closely with the Humber Sports Partnership had this to say –
 ‘Every youngster deserves the same opportunities that angling has given me and I can dedicate all my efforts to further develop angling amongst young people and increase participation;  I am looking forward to working with people who work for the Trust and have done more for angling than any other organisation or group in its short life.’

Project co-ordinator Roman Buczynski with Mick Watson..

The charity who are hoping to build a network of 30 projects in the next few years are working from Scotland to Southampton to engage young people in angling. They aim to use a developmental approach in building a brighter future for young people no matter their economic background.

Founding Director Mick Watson Q.P.M added ‘I am delighted that Roman has joined us, he has achieved what we hope all of our young people can become. ‘Get Hooked’ Hull will under his stewardship deliver great benefit to the local communities and put angling alongside other mainstream sports in terms of participation meaning more places to fish and more people enjoying the outdoors.’

More information on the scheme can be found on www.gethookedonfishing.org.uk