Rainfall had created what looked to be a perfect summer river in the run-up to the first RiverFest qualifier of the season, fished on the River Calder.

But a heavy downpour of cold water onFriday changed that and fishing was harder than anticipated.

The sections used in the match were Zone A- Pear Tree, Zone B- Ship Inn to Calder Road and Zone C- Calder Bank Road to Sands Lane.Section A qualifier was Peter Allott with 19-10-8, consisting of ten chub and 2lb of roach and dace all caught on the waggler with bronze maggot, from the Pear Tree top.

Section B qualifier was Tony Watling with 11-8-0, consisting of three chub and 3lb of roach and perch all caught on the waggler and bronze maggot from the Ship Inn.
Section C qualifier and match winner was Ian Dawson with 25-13-0 consisting of seven chub and 5lb of dace all caught on the stick float and red maggot from Sands Lane.

The next RiverFest qualifier takes place on Saturday 25th June on the River Swale at Morton.

1. Ian Dawson 25-13
2. Ian Ward 21-7
3. Peter Allott 19-10-8
4. Mark Hawksworth 16-0
5. Phil Davies 12-15